Britney Baby!

  First there are more people on this site then the other forced to wear a diaper. But sense this is a forced story I will only put it on one of two pages. If there is a limit to how much I can write then there will be more parts. This is the shorter of the two. I am not use to sharing my stories and they might not be that good. I can only hope some of you might enjoy them.
     "Britney baby time to get up for mommy" said Mrs. Blake to her daughter. It was something she had said too her for all of her life. Mrs. Blake was worried as her daughter grew that she would demand for her to stop calling her a baby. But when her husband died ten years ago in a car accident it affected Britney. But Mrs. Blake never called Britney a baby outside of their home and never in front of friends. This too might have been the reason why Britney never cried like many other children over the years gaining more independence from their parents. Britney’s eyes blinked open.
     "And how is mommies little baby this morning" asked her mother.
     "I am still sleepy mommy" said Britney and she smiled at mommy feeling comfort from the special bond she had with her mother. Her mother brush some of Britney's hair out of her face before kiss her forehead.
     "I know you feel all comfy baby but this is not the week end so no extra baby treatment. You have school so go take a shower while I make you breakfast ok baby" said her mother. Britney looked a little disappointed but smiled at her mother because she loved her. Britney loved her morning; for one she did not have to lift a finger. Her mother took care of her every morning sense she was born. It was a bond neither of them wanted to go away and to an outsideders it might look like Britney was spoiled.
     But at the end of the day Britney's mother would come home to a clean house and a meal on the table. It was Britney who took care of her mother making sure she had everything she needed. Everything seemed perfect too Britney. She had ten good friends at school even though she lived out in the sticks and did not see much off them during the week. She was allowed to go over to as many sleep over’s as she like and even have as many of her friends over. Her mother knew all ten girls Britney was close to.
     Britney was a good rounded person with no hang-ups. She was the one who kept all of her friends close to each over their so far short lives. Britney was able to get over the lost of her father but to watch it happen to Mrs. Newman from across the street was another matter. Mrs. Newman lost her husband and daughter six years ago. Britney like to play with Jennifer Newman even though she was only two years old. But Mrs. Newman and Britney's mother were close and they still seem to be; but not according to Britney. She tried to tell her more many times Mrs. Newman was short of a few screws.
     She would catch Mrs. Newman walking around with Jennifer's baby cloths talking to nothing at all. It was why Britney allowed Mrs. Newman to get so close today. She had always come over on weekends and seemed so normal around her mother. But when ever she was alone with her she would get too see the other side so it was. Mrs. Newman for years had asked Britney to come over but Britney was always afraid to do so women's intuition or something told her it was not a good idea. It was going to be one of those days Britney thought. "Oh baby what are you doing out of your crib. It is time for you’re after noon nappy" said Mrs. Newman then she surprised Britney by slipped up close to Britney and slipped on a baby bonnet over her head. But Britney protested but instead of quickly removing the bonnet giving her a better defense from something else that might happen she opened her mouth to give Mrs. Newman the once for.
     The moment Britney opened her mouth Mrs. Newman stuck a pacifier into Britney's mouth and she bit down which caused something to go squirt. She pulled the pacifier from her mouth and looked at it. Her mind was quickly spinning and she tried to just slip pass Mrs. Newman but by the third step the ground was coming up to meet her. She was not sure but it felt like someone caught her.
     Britney woke confused for a moment she did not know where she was just that she was lying down. She looked at her hands and they had thumb less mittens on them and they felt slimy inside so she could not grip anything. Britney tried to push her self up but the mittens were just too slimy and made it every difficult. She tried to kick with her feet but they too hand the same slimy feeling but she could not see them. Britney knew everything about her felt wrong down to what she was wearing. She rolled to her side and was able to sit up but she banged her head before she realized she was in a caged crib inside what looked like a baby’s bed room.
    There was everything a baby would need in this room. It was colorfully painted in pink with little white clouds and many colored butterflies all over the walls. There was a playpen with ten cute stuffed animals hanging on the side rails looking like they were trying to get out like she wanted too her self. There was a huge changing table big enough for a near adult. That was then when it hit her not an adult it was meant for her. Britney rolled on her side and kicked the crib bars. It hurt her foot but she realized they were not made of wood but metal.
     It was only when Britney's mind cleared some she realized her ankles and wrists were tethered she could not reach certain parts of the crib. She had to wonder why that was. She was able to get on all fours like a baby but that was it. It was while she was on all fours she saw what she was wearing. She had a simple white lacy baby dress on and she could still feel the bonnet on her head. She was able to pulled the dress up some to see what was on her feet. She saw baby booties with silver bows on them but it was here she saw the silvery plastic pants which clearly covered a diaper under them.
     Britney was in a panic when she realized she was diapered. There was just no way she was going to be forced to wear them. This was also the moment she realized there was still that stupid pacifier in her mouth and she tried to spit it out but even when she push with all of her little tongues might she could not force it from her mouth. This was when she started to cry and it was also the moment Mrs. Newman came into the room. The bed room door was hidden from Britney's view and Mrs. Newman smiled seeing Britney up on all fours.
    But then it hit Britney as to why Mrs. Newman was doing this and it was enough to get her to calm down. Mrs. Newman only wanted her baby back even if it was in some sort of sick fashion to do it. Mrs. Newman wanted her baby back and she found it in her. Britney knew she was right in this but what did it really matter; but was this why she came over to see her mother all this time. Or was she just scoping out Britney all this time trying to steel her from her mother. It was the fact that Britney stopped crying that got Mrs. Newman to move at all.
     "Does Britney baby want a toy or did she make poopies" cried Mrs. Newman pleased by seeing her new little baby. She opened the caged lid and handed Britney a doll. Britney flung the doll back at Mrs. Newman's face but she only giggled at Britney.
    "I know you don't want a baby doll because there is only room for one baby in this room. Let me check your diaper. Oh no no poopies you must be hungry then" chimes Mrs. Newman. She pulls on the straps tied at both ends of the crib; it forced Britney to lay flat on her back. Mrs. Newman pulls out a bottle which plugs into the pacifier gag in Britney's mouth but there is no way she was going to eat anything she was going to force in to her mouth. But then Mrs. Newman pinches her noise and squeezes the bottle which quickly fills up Britney's mouth. Britney finds her mouth exploding with what taste like thick banana shake. She tries to force it out but finds with the pacifier pressed down it will only dribble out the sides of her mouth and runs down her checks. And he lungs start to burn and she can't shake Mrs. Newman's hands one holding the bottle and the other her noise. She starts to choke and she knows the only way she is going to breath again is if she swallows this food as quickly as she can. Mrs. Newman did not let up until all of it was squeezed out of the rather large bottle.
     The fear comes back into Britney's face and the tears come on strong as they run down the side of her face. It was clear who was in charge and Britney had little to say in the matter. It was not like she could say much with the pacifier gag in her mouth. Britney turned her head away from Mrs. Newman she did not want to look at her. It was not going to stop Mrs. Newman from treating Britney any other way but like a baby.
     "Is Britney baby's tummy all full of yummy yum yum? Now mommy would like to take care of her baby but mommy's dear friend just lost her dear daughter. It seems the poor girl ran away from home so tragic really at such a young age. But baby's don't have to worry about things like that because mommy's never let their babies out of there rooms. But my friend is going to need a shoulder to cry on if she is going to get through this" said Mrs. Newman.
    Britney could do no more then lay flat on her back; seeing as Mrs. Newman never released the straps holding her out strait. They were just loose enough not to cut off circulation to her hands and feet.
      Then there was the music which she was sure there the whole time but she only now noticed it. At first she thought it was a nursery rhythm and it was sort of. The music was anyways but the lyrics were something made up and it bothers Britney because of what they were repeating with out stopping.
     "Britney baby Britney baby who is the Baby? Britney is the baby that is who" on and on it went never stopping even for a moment. Britney knew she would go nuts if she could not get out of this some how. But she makes a mistake and thinks crazy people are stupid and with this assumption she thinks of her own plan of escape. But after an hour of this song Britney tries screaming to drown out the stupid song and goes horse to where she can barely whisper. She felt like she was being forced to go to one of those stupid nursery land rides that babies like to go on but there was no way off of this ride.

     Britney now hoped the food was drugged and she would just slip off to dreamland so she did not have to hear this stupid song. But she soon found she could not sleep because of the nap she already had and the food was not drugged. So Britney had no choice but to try her own tactic which was to repeat her own song and something if she failed to get out of here would still help her from ever thinking Mrs. Newman was her mother. But if she ended up thinking like a baby it would have to be babyish.
     "Mrs. Newman is not my mommy..." it was her turn to repeat this over and over again in her head. Britney knew she might end up being brain washed but she was not going to let Mrs. Newman be her mother. She could not let that happen.
     Britney had no sense of time with the light of the windowless room always on. She was not sure when she fell asleep only that she woke up with the need to pee. There was just no way she was going to go potty in her pants. It also took her a moment to find that her mind was sing along with the song.
     ""Britney baby Britney baby who is the Baby? Britney is the baby that is who" . She did her best to go back to Mrs. Newman is not the mommy. It really was all she could do. Then there the one voice she hated most in the world right now.
     "Did little Britney baby go potty" smiled Mrs. Newman as she looked down at Britney in the crib. She never closed the lid but it was not like Britney was going to break free of her straps. But when she checked Britney's diaper she looked a little disappointed. This made Britney a little happy.
     This was when Mrs. Newman removed the pacifier gag from Britney mouth to clean off her face. It was also a chance for Britney to speak but she was not thinking strait her self. Her mind seemed fuzzy and she did not know why.
     "I am never going to wet myself and you can't make me" said Britney with great determination. She knew that Mrs. Newman was trying to get her to do it. This was something she would never be willing to do ever.
     "Yes you will Britney baby because that is what babies do. They like to go poo and they even coo when they do" giggled Mrs. Newman and she pressed hard on Britney's bladder but Britney bit her lip and held it together. When she stopped Britney smiled at her.
     "I hear that some people can hold it long enough so their bladders pop and then you will have killed me yourself just like that drunk who killed Mr. Newman and baby Jennifer. You know Jennifer your baby" said Britney but Mrs. Newman did not want to hear any more so she shoved the pacifier gag back into Britney's mouth. Then she smiled and pulled out another bottle.
     "This is what babies eat for breakfast rice cereal bananas and milk" said Mrs. Newman with a smile. She pinches Britney's noise once more after she plugs in the bottle to feed her and squeezes. It did not taste all that bad or so Britney thought. But once the first one was down she pulled out a second one and forced this one down as well.
     "And now Britney baby’s tummy is all full of yummy yum yum. I will be back much later to change you. But you keep holding it in. It only means a much bigger mess in your diaper when you do...but maybe that is what you want. Britney baby likes a big mess diaper because she is a naughty baby girl and mommy has something for naughty baby girls" said Mrs. Newman.
     It was several hours later when Britney could no longer hold it in. She was unable to repeat her own thoughts to drown out the stupid song as well for every time she tried to think of anything else but to hold it in out it came. There were little squirts of warm pee slowly filling up her diaper. But the hours and the strain got to her and she found she could hold nothing back. Her bladder gave out before she did so she cried. But now even when she felt the slightest pressure out it came. She was soaking wet. She knew the mattress she was laying on was wet as well she could feel her back and the back of her legs were wet as well.
     The hours passed and now she could feel the urge to poop now and she cried. She forgot to drown out the dam song again when the need to poop was becoming a strain. She did not like this one little bit but still no Mrs. Newman. She was hoping she would be able to hold it long enough so that when she changed her she could poop on her. But Britney did not make it another hour. The moment just a little poop seeped out it all came out. Well nearly all of it. By time she fell asleep the rest of it fill her diaper.
     "It was in her dream now as well. The girls were all singing Britney baby Britney baby over and over again. While the boys all sang who is the baby? Britney is the baby that is who. It seemed every time she heard the word she peed and pooped her self. She could feel the slosh diaper and every time she tried to get away from the kids she found herself crawling trying to get away. Then her own mother would show up and ask if she had a stinky diaper and she would change her in front of every one. She was crying when she woke up.
     But when she woke up there was something stinging her in her crotch as well. She realized she was not in the crib but on the changing table. Britney was still tied down and she could do nothing. It seemed even her waist was now being held in place as well. It smelled like burnt hair and the stinging continued. It was not until she lifted her head that Mrs. Newman knew she was awake. Mrs. Newman had a tinny needle in one hand and tweezers in another. Britney became quickly worried now about what she was doing to her now but only now noticed her gag was out.
     "What...what are you doing to me" cried Britney. She did not understand why she would be burning her was she writing Britney is a baby on her skin.
     "Oh hush now baby. Babies don't have hair on their bodies so mommy is burning it off. I already burned it all off of your arm pits. Thank you for not shaving by the way it makes it easier to do this. And now I am done with your crotch all baby smooth for the rest of your life. You are now a real baby girl. I will get those nasty hairy legs another time. But now it is time to make sure you can't hurt that baby bladder of yours ever again. I will admit I had a hard time figuring this one out. But the web is so helpful with neat stuff to read. But buying what I needed was simple enough if you have the money people will sell you anything. This is a cathedra which I will run into you urethra and once I touch your bladder muscle I will send in this bendable needle and inject your muscle making it weak as a baby. I thought I would do your little anus too seeing as babies can't control anything. Once I do this once or twice you will never be able to stop yourself ever again. In other words you will be a little baby for the rest of your life" said Mrs. Newman with a twisted smile.
     The moment Britney tried to fight Mrs. Newman only smiled. She forced the pacifier gag back into her mouth and dropped two little drops of liquid into her mouth. She would not swallow it but it did not seem to matter she was quickly feeling sleepy. Britney was mad at herself when she woke up. First for having wet herself in her sleep and second for thinking crazy people were stupid. She really did not think there was a way to make matter much worst but some how this crazy woman did.
      Britney still felt she had the advantage over Mrs. Newman if she played along with what Mrs. Newman wanted. She knew she wanted her own baby. But it would not be easy to go along with Mrs. Newman. She knew she could loose herself if she just went along with everything it would all fail and she would be lost in the hands of a mad woman. But she knew if she did not do something and something quick she would loose herself anyways. She was getting sick of that dam song as well. It was in her dreams all of the time now and she found she was singing along with it in the back of her mind.
     "Britney baby Britney baby who is the baby? Britney is the baby that’s who" She did not think it was all controlling as Mrs. Newman thought it would be until she walked into the room a moment later.
     "Who is the baby" chimes Mrs. Newman.
    "I am the baby" said Britney proudly. Then she cried because she did not even get a chance to think about it she felt the need and the rush to answer. It was now she realized she would not be able to stop her self from saying it. There was also a very pleased look on Mrs. Newman's face because Britney had said this so quickly and then added a twisted grin because she looked so sad after she said it. Mrs. Newman said it like three more times in a row and every time Britney answer very proudly she was the Baby! But by the time she said it the third time she gave up.
     "Oh what a good baby you went potty for mommy. You are such a good baby yes you are" coo's Mrs. Newman. "But mommy wants you too love going potty for her like all good babies. I will make sure you look forward to going potty with out thinking about it. The drugs will do the rest of course but I made something for you to wear under your diaper. I spent weeks on it before you gave me the need to find away to stop you from hurting yourself" said Mrs. Newman and she pulls out of her pocket a strange string bikini well it looked more string then bikini. She did not move her from the crib she just changed her right there. Whatever it was it pressed tight to her clitoris which Britney now felt even dirtier. But she did not understand what it was that thought Mrs. Newman would want her to go potty. There is no way she ever be willing no matter what.
     Mrs. Newman did not say a word she quickly put a fresh diaper on Britney and shoved the pacifier gag back into her mouth. Britney could feel only shame right now and there seemed like there was every little to do. She pinched her noise but Britney did not fight it she just quickly drank the meal. She only now realized how hungry she was and had to wonder how long she was out of it that last time. Mrs. Newman seemed even more please because Britney was eating with out being forced too. She did not even pinch her noise when she feeds her the second bottle to, to see how things went. Britney drank it nearly as fast except toward the end when she was getting rather full. Mrs. Newman was so pleased but Britney quickly had a surprised look on her face when Mrs. Newman pulled out a third bottle and hooked it up to her pacifier. It took her a moment to realize she had to suck on it to get anything to come out. It was apple juice which she did not mind. But after drinking a little she fell asleep. Mrs. Newman was bound and determine to remove all of the hair a baby should never have on there body and so Britney remained drugged for the next few days.
     Britney awoke to moaning. She could not stop her self from wiggling in her crib. She could feel the vibrator in the diaper going off. It was driving her up the wall with pleasure. It was also something she had never tried herself. And it was hours before Mrs. Newman showed up. She was once again free in her crib but no matter what she tried she could only barely touch her diaper and with the slimy mittens on she could not do more then that. She was crying in pleasure for it to stop when Mrs. Newman showed up to change her.
     "Who is the baby" cooed Mrs. Newman.
     "I am the baby" said Britney with pride and less shame. When did this happen she wanted to get mad at her self but her mind would not let her. Mrs. Newman was able to bring her to the changing table with out a fight. It did not occur to Britney until she was tied to the table she could have fought Mrs. Newman just then and made her escape. She was mad at her self for that but she knew what she must do. She had to drown out that dumb song with her own. She repeated over and over again Mrs. Newman not! The mommy! Britney knew even her own thoughts were changing. It sounded like a real babies voice in her head telling her Mrs. Newman was not the mommy. She was just glad that dam vibrator was now off. It did not take brain science to figure out peeing must have turned it on.
     It was then Britney noticed the song had changed but what was this new one. She did however figure out she had to have been listening to it for a while she knew the dam words to it all ready. She knew the days if not weeks now were slipping by but she wanted to double what she listening too. It was enough to know she did not even pay attention to that fact Mrs. Newman was feeding her. Nor did she notice she was now on the floor surround by toys and her pacifier was out with a large bottle next to her with juice in it. He straps were tied to locks in the floor which prevented her from standing. She could not crawl around.
     "No no think please think" she found herself telling herself. The lyrics she wanted to know what they meant.
    "What do babies do? What do babies do? Babies like to suck their thumbs and even cry some too. What do babies do? What do babies do? Babies love their hold their teddies tight and never let them out of their sight even when it is dark at night. What do babies do? What do babies do? Babies like to go poo and they even coo. What do babies do? What do babies do? Babies like to play often as they can because that was what babies do". There was more in the background but it was hard to pick up. She knew it was there she could hear it. Ever so faintly there was that dam first song still playing.
     "Britney baby Britney baby who is the Baby? Britney is the baby that is who" . One last tear slipped from her mind. She awoke the next day even farther gone then the day before. And it seemed the song changed again. She did not like this. There was no struggle she was changed and feed rather quickly. When ever Mrs. Newman asked who the baby was she told her she was. She closed her eyes for a moment but the moment she was set on the floor she found her self forcing her self too pee. She had to pee she wanted to pee she needed to pee. But nothing happened. She tried again and she pushed so hard she **** herself too but then it went off the vibrator was fully charged.
     Britney bit her lip. The pain helped some and it was only now she saw she was holding a teddy bear. It was all white with pink eyes noise ears and paws but the rest was all white. She set it down but the moment she was not holding it she found she could not take her eyes off the bear. She quickly picked it back up as if someone might take it from her. She could feel a slight panic over her teddy so she held it nice and tight. She knew it was that dam song. She tried again to drown it out with her own but she was giving up hope.
     Britney was a sleep when something changed and she was not sure what was going on there. There were some pretty loud bangs and this made her scared so she started to cry. Then a loud bang against the door and there were two men who rushed into the room with masks on there was smoke coming from behind them.
      "We found her she is in her...Oh god what the hell did she do too you" said one man.
      "Britney are you ok!" said the other man.
      "What the hell is that music" said another man and two more men came into the room. One of the police men shot the speaker out. She surprised everyone and only made Britney cry even more.
     "Dam it Rodger you scared the crap out of the girl! Man she needs changing. Or just a hot shower. Get her to her mother" said one of the officers. The music had stopped but Britney still did not feel right. They cut the straps off of her and freed her from the mittens and bootees’. Britney was aware enough to want to know what it was she had in there. It smelled like baby lotion.
     When she was lead out of the house her mother was there and she rushed in to pick her up into her arms. The police had moved so fast on this the reporters were not even there yet. It seemed when Mrs. Newman went to get her hair done that day she started to talk about her baby. She did not see Mrs. Blake there because she was all coved up getting a facial. She had asked what her babies name was and for a moment she said Jennifer. Mrs. Blake knew Jennifer was dead. But then Mrs. Newman said she changed her daughters name to Britney. Mrs. Blake freaked out and beat her *** on the stop. By the time the police came Mrs. Newman was out cold and the other women there were just try preventing Mrs. Blake from killing her.
     It did not take long for the police of this small town to add two and two for them to get four. They were already at the home going in with stun grenades by time Mrs. Blake came up the street; ok so they went over the top. But they were not sure Mrs. Newman had done this alone. But everyone was glad to see mother and daughter in each others arms once more.
     "Man you don't get many of these said one officer" but he had of yet gone inside nor did he know what had gone on inside. And his partner was right next too him answer his statement.
     "Happy endings!" said the other officer.
     "What the hell are you two talking about? You go take a good look inside and tell me there is a happy ending. Sorry Mrs. Blake but..." said the officer but Mrs. Blake walked across the street to take her daughter home and get her in normal cloths. He watched her go he knew he had to say something but he knew Britney was going to need some changing and a bath. Then he walked back into the house and found two large stacks of diapers before going over to the Blake's home. He was no doctor but Britney did not seem all there. He knew Mrs. Blake was going to have a hard time with this. It was his case after all.
     "John where are you going with the evidence?" said Rodger.
     "Please I got the feeling Britney is going to need these for some time. Lock down my crime seen dam it. I don't want anything touched until I get back. Let no one on the street either. I see one reporter with in fifty feet of either home and heads are going to roll" said John. He was second in command of this whole dam valley. And the Chief did not get in his way on this. But the Chief knew why. Five years ago some one kidnapped his daughter and killed her. He would let John handle this. The Chief hoped it would help him to finally put his past behind him.
    "You heard the Captain! Do as he said or I will make sure you only handle crossing guard’s duty for the next year" shouted the Police Chief.
     Mrs. Blake brought Britney into the bathroom. Her hands were shaking as she undressed her baby. There were no cuts or bruises she dropped the dirty diaper in to the bathroom trash she would take care of that later. It was only now she saw there was a low humming and ripped the string bikini vibrator from her daughters’ body. It slightly cut into her hip and Mrs. Blake cried out for hurting her. She looked into her daughters’ eyes she still seemed lost inside her mind but she was not going to let any one take her from her.
    "I am going to kill Mrs. Newman for you" said Mrs. Blake. But then her heart stopped when Britney spoke.
     "Not the mommy" cried Britney. Mrs. Blake cried because she knew her daughter did not know who she was. It hurt her so much that she started to cry but then Britney started to cry too.
    "I am sorry mommy I made you cry" said Britney. She knew her mother and she felt safe in her arms.
    "You have nothing to ever be sorry about baby do you hear me. It was that sick ******* fault Mrs. Newman!" said Mrs. Blake but once again when she mentioned Mrs. Newman’s name Britney spoke up.
    "Not the mommy" it took a moment for Mrs. Blake to realize this time but she only mentioned her name this time.
   "Mrs. Newman"
    "Not the mommy!” Mrs. Blake hugs her daughter and cries. She was being brain washed into think Mrs. Newman was her mother but somehow she was able to brain wash her self if she heard Mrs. Newman's name she would say not the mommy. It makes her proud to think her daughter tried to fight it what ever it was that went on over there. She was madder with her self because she knew Britney did not like Mrs. Newman any more but she forced her not to be mean to the woman. Mrs. Blake takes the bear from Britney's arms but the tears quickly well up.
    "No Teddy!" cried Britney. This was not going to go over well and she knew it. She would like to burn the dam thing but it was just an object from some sick woman.
     "Ok ok but you need a bath young lady so is it ok if we put Teddy here" said Mrs. Blake and she set the bear on the counter and leans it against the wall. Britney found the pose funny and giggled at her bear. She then nodded her head with her mother when she was nodding her head as a reassuring sign nothing was going to happen to the bear at least no yet. She had used a wash rag to clean Britney off then she has her sit down and started to fill the bathtub. She was hoping it would make things a little better but then there was a knock at the door.
    "Ok now you just sit there I will be right back ok" said Mrs. Blake. She knew it was going to be him even before she reached the door. He had been over every night sense she was taken. She learned about his past and that he was never off the case even if it was going no where fast.
    "Hi John! I can't thank you enough" cried Mrs. Blake. He knew it might be something like this. He pulled her into a hug dropping the two unopened bags.
    "Ann she is safe now in your hands. I still think we should let the doctors take a look at her but there is nothing better in the world for pain then your mother at her age. I am sorry for bothering you but I just thought you might need these well those" said John as he pointed at the ground next to him.
    "No get those away from this house. She has her own clothing she is not going to need diapers any more she has panties of her own. We will get through this" said Ann taken back by his words. John lowers his eyes. He did not want her mad at him of all people not her.
     "I am sorry I know you have things in control but she might need them. You did not get a look inside there. It was horrible..." but he hugs her tightly one last time and pick up the bags and walks away. This was her time with her daughter and he knew it. She did not say another word when he heard the door close he walked back to the front door and dropped them there. He just knew she was going to need them. He did not know for how long but she would need them.
     Britney was splashing in the water when Mrs. Blake returned to her daughter. Ann cried because she had such a childish look on her face and a wonder about what the water was doing. What no one knew was Britney had been feed low doses of LSD for the last three and a half weeks. She was still rather high at the moment as well. It was also why the brain washing was going so well. The water droplets only seemed to float through the air rather then fall to her right now. But Ann knew her daughter was in there some where. She knew she was her mother and right now that was all that counted.
     Ann turned the water off then let her have her fun for twenty more minutes. She sets her on the toilet and tells her to go potty which she does. Britney grabbed Teddy while she was so close to him. She was unwilling to let her mother do more then touch it. But Britney did not seem to know what to do next. Once she cleans her bottom and takes her into her bed room and dresses her. It was like having a doll that was slightly helpful. The tears did not stop pouring down Ann's face. But she kept reminding her self she was home and safe now. It was pretty late and she did not think it would hurt if they both just lied down for a little bit in Britney's bed. But the emotional levels over the last three and a half weeks get to even Ann. It was early morning when Ann woke up she could smell the poop first then she felt the wet blanket and mattress.
    "Oh no Britney! What did you do!" shouted Ann but she calm down and well she cried because Britney woke in a start and started to cry. She could not get her self to stop. She pulled teddy even closer to her but still the tears fell. She could at least think some what again. She knew her name and where she was. She was not sure where she was last night it all seemed like a blur. Mrs. Blake pulls Britney to her feet and rushes her into the bathroom. It was all her own fault and she knew it. Britney was still crying and it upset Ann because she had yelled at her daughter. She could not remember the last time she had ever yelled at her and there was nothing Britney had done wrong. It was the pressure of the last month and she knew it.
     "I am sorry Britney I am a bad mother. Please forgive me" cried Ann. She was cleaning Britney off with the shower again. She pulled on teddy but she was not having it.
     "Please let me have him. He will watch you from the counter again. He did not run out on you the last time ok. And I would never hurt him promises" said Ann. Britney let teddy go and she watched him for a second time standing there leaning against the wall like he was waiting for a bus or something. It was what she thought he looked like he was doing last night. Britney found herself giggling again at that thought.
     "And what is so funny" asked her mother tickling her in the ribs.
    "He looks like he is waiting for the bus" giggled Britney. She looked over at the teddy. Ann could almost see it. It did look like someone waiting on something. It made her happy to think she had a good sense of humor after everything that had happened to her. Plus just the sure fact she was talking was a good sign. But her eyes said other wise she looked lost inside some how. Ann sat her down again and filled the tub.
    "Now you just play in the water while I clean up" said her mother. It was not an easy clean. Not because it was a hug mess but because it meant her daughter was not right in the head. She cried only when she made it into the laundry room. But then she got really pissed off and stormed out of the house and walked across the street. The police said nothing when she stormed in the front room. There seemed to be two choices. She went to the left and found John in one room with three other officers.
     "You know Rodger this would have been done hours ago had you not shot that speaker" laughed John. He was pissed off by what he saw in there as well. No one even saw Ann come in the room.
     "Ok try it now John" said some one from another room.
      "Lets see. First recording ah! Ok" said John and he clicked the mouse. With the bed room door kicked in the song could be heard coming from the bed room and down the hall.
    "Britney baby Britney baby who is the Baby? Britney is the baby that is who" . .          
    "Wow that is some creepy sick ****...what next?" said one of the officers. John clicked the next song. Even they could hear it. The fact that the first song was still playing. John thought he made a mistake but no matter what he did the first once played along with the second song. It was one of the computer specialists that pointed this out.
    "I think it was set up that way from what I can tell from this programming. So she would hear the second song just find but her mined would still be able to pick up on the first one always reassuring her is some why I guess" said the computer specialist.
     "I think you are right but I think it was more to make sure she never forgot the first one. And if that is the case then I bet if we play the third one...yep the first two songs join into one song and the third one becomes the new primary hold on I will start the second one again so we can record it" said John.  
     "What do babies do? What do babies do? Babies like to suck their thumbs and even cry some too. What do babies do? What do babies do? Babies love their hold their teddies tight and never let them out of their sight even when it is dark at night. What do babies do? What do babies do? Babies like to go poo and they even coo. What do babies do? What do babies do? Babies like to play often as they can because that was what babies do".  
      "Can we just go down to the station and shoot this *****!" asked one of the officers. No one laughed and some agreed.
     "Look guys don't. That woman is beyond nuts. Lets see according to the time loop this is the last one that was running and it looks like for only thirty hours" said John. 
     "Mommy's feeds their babies they even feed them from their breast because that is what mommy's do that is what mommy's do. Mommy's let their babies have all their fun and even rest because that is what mammy's do that is what mommy's do. Mommies take care of babies because that is what mommy's do that is what mommy's do. Mommy's sings and plays with babies because that is what mammy's do that is what mommy's do"
     "**** how many of these are there?" asked one officer.
    "Nine in all but she did not get a chance to use them on her yet. I think if she had there would be nothing left of her" said the computer specialist.
   "Oh my god my poor baby" said Ann she was in near shock after learning all of this. The room fell silent when another officer walked in the room.
    "Hey we just got a report from the lab there was low levels of LSD in all of the baby food and juice" said the officer when he came into the room. It looked like everyone was staring at him but they were looking at Ann who looked like she was scared out of her mind.
     "What?" said the officer?
     "Not you Howard Ann...Ann it is going to be ok. We will get her help all the help in the world please believe me" said John but when he stood up Ann shot out of the room and down the hall where the song was still playing. The windows were boarded up and painted over. Ann remembered Jennifer's baby room. The room smelled like strong pee and poop but mostly pee. She saw the straps still tied to the floor and realizes how much of a prisoner her daughter really was. John put his hand on her shoulder but she turns from him once more and runs out of the house.
    Ann was nearly across the street when he grabs her. She tried to pull away from him but he would not let her. He hugs her tight knowing she needed some one to cry on now more then ever.
      "Dam it Ann I am not lying! We will get Britney help if it cost me my life savings I am going to help you no matter what you want. We will fix her the best we can but...there is more. She did something to Britney we can't change. I don't understand all of it but she injected something into her muscles the ones that control her bladder and her anus. She has no control there and will never have control there again. She was forced into something against her will and will remain in a diaper the rest of her life. But we will get her to grow up. I don't know how far we can get her to grow up but we will" said John. Ann cried for real in his arms and he held her but then she became worried about Britney and pulled free.   
     "I left her alone John in the bath tub" cried Ann and she rushed into the house. She stopped crying when she saw half of the water was all over the floor and she seemed to still be splashing around playing with it. She almost laughed but then she let her self laugh. She needed to and she knew it. Britney was her baby and she grew up once she could do so again. It might be a little harder this time but she knew her daughter was in there some where just as strong as ever. John did not look in he placed one hand on Ann's shoulder and held up the bag of diapers. Ann leaned into him and he kissed her forehead.
     "I will be across the street most of the day. I am going home about three. I have not slept in two days but the department can get a hold of me" said John. Ann put her finger to his lips.
     "Why don't you join us for an early dinner then? I know it might not look it but my bed is pretty soft" said Ann. John's eyes lit up. He had become close to Ann in the last month. He knew he wanted her and he could tell she wanted him now more then anything. How this happened was not a good thing. But now that it did he was fine with it. He was not sure but he might just get to live a normal life again. Ann did what mothers do with babies after all that is what mothers do.
     "Look at the mess you made. Mommy's is going to have to clean you up all over again" giggled Ann. There was a guilty look on Britney's face but when her mother only smiles her face lit up brighter then she could ever remember. She pulled her up and slipped a towel around her. She was not going to bother with the toilet. She brought her in to her bed room and slips a clean diaper on then dresses her warmly. Ann quickly rushes into the bathroom and returns with teddy in her hands. Britney once again smiles lovingly at her mommy.
     "Now let me clean the bathroom dear. You play with anything you like in your room. I will fix us breakfast and we can play some more if you like and then maybe a nap if you need one" said her mother.
      It was not easy over the next few years. Many of her friends from school learned what had happened to there dear friend. The often baby sat her and some still do to this day. Britney did come out of it some but there were words and smells that could quickly cause her to become Britney baby once more. But she was loved and that was all that matter.  

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Look sorry if you did not like it but life is full of crazy people who take what is not theirs. There are children stole everyday and my killed and never seen from or heard from again. I am a functional lunatic that is how I see myself. You should know I am Britney in my mind all my stories are about what if to my life. That is all I do all I can do to function to get through the day with out rolling into a ball and waiting to die. Life is not a fairy tale of bliss and endless happy dreams. Other wise I would be a real female human. I would have had nine kids if not more. part of me deep down would love to give birth just once but I know it will not happen. I hate pain and yes I know pain well. I get head aches all the time some have lasted two months or more my whole life. I don't think striat because I don't know how.

Thats ****** up man not even cool.

I was thinking about it not sure working on a different one now one I wrote a few years ago but deleted it. But I will say maybe I am just not sure how unconfused I want to make Britney. Does she get some of her life back and what might the complication be for her if she does. Will it make her wish she never came out of it. Plenty of thoughts just not sure yet with this story.