He Forced Me And I Loved It !!

When i was 16 I had just started seeing this guy. We had been dating for 9 months and we were hanging out in his room. he looked at me and said "Are you a naughty girl and wet diapers?" I looked at him and said no. he gave me a evil smile and said "do you wonder what i look like in a diaper?" Again i said no so he looked at me and said that he wondered what i looked like. So he pulled out 6 pampers size 7 baby diapers and told me 2 lay down. I gave him a devious smile. He didn't know that i wanted 2 be forced into dipees and forced to act like a baby. He unbuttoned my pants and took off my panties. He slid the diapers under my bare butt and began to powder me. Once he was done he taped up the diapers and stood me up. he then pulled out a pacifier and popped it into my mouth. He lightly spanked me on my diapered *** and I giggled. He picked me up and carried me downstairs. His parents weren't home so we didn't get caught. he made me a bottle and fed me the whole thing. As soon as i finished the bottle he rockedme to sleep. When i woke up the next morning I could tell i had went pee pee and poo poo in my sleep which made me smile. I looked around the room. When i couldn't find him i crawled out of bed. He was standing in the hallway about to come in the room. He had the biggest smile on my face. "Does my baby girl have a full dipee!" I gave him a baybish look and said "Yes, Daddy i made a poopy." he picked me up off the floor and carried in his room and layed me on his bed. He untaped my diapee and wrinckled his nose. My, my, my you sure mad a big mess baby. I giggled and sucked on my pacy while my daddy changed me. When he was done he fed me a bottle and the drove me home when we got there I had wet myself 3 times. so he carried me up 2 my room and changed me . he layed me in my bed and kissed me good night he left and drove home. I woke up to a wet dipee and a pacy in my mouth. i turned in bed and my hand hit a teddy bear and a warm bottle. i drank the baba and hugged my teddy till my dipee was so wet i thought it would burst. i took it off and put on my panties. I have been forced into a diaper ever since then even when i didn't want to be. Once when i was 21 i forced into a diaper so bad that when i woldn't sit still he spanked my bare *** and shoved my pacy in my mouth but i enjoy it every time!!!!!
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lucky! i wish i was you!!!