If anyone would want to add me and chat with me maybe we can see where it leads... mostly likely you being forced into diaper
mommylacy mommylacy
26-30, F
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I would be interested, bringing back a child hood, please add me back

I've always thought about being forced into diapers

Maybe I do

I would like to talk with you.

Hi I'd like to talk if you want :)

add me on Skype, cute0baby0boy, or yahoo, all0around0good0guy

Yes please would you add me. My chat is Yahoo.ca and I'm sissyabj. Pretty please could we chat?
sissy ab j

Oh my, I wonder how it feels to be diapered by someone else than myself? :)

IDK if you could get me into one mommy I'm a fast runner teehee

mommy could catch you... I've got something you want.

and what is that mommy..?

Hugs and kisses with lots of snuggles

*runs up and huggles you* yayz!

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i would love to be forced into diapers by you.

Kisses Krista

you need a skype and a yahoo im

I would add you because I like to make friends, But I need your permission before I can.

i think id like that a lot

I would like to chat with you... Please message me....

hey how you doing?

Send me msg At dtime39@gmail.com will talk yes I'm open to be your baby or you be mine at your place send me a photos and number with email..

Sounds perfect! Where are you located?

in California

hello mommy!!!

momma i wet the bed, can you diaper me?

hi mommylacy

im a sissybaby whos looking for a mommy to tell a bad baby that ,,,mommy is always right!!!!!

Would also love to chat with you. Are you on Yahoo or could you add me and we could see how fast I would be forced into diapers!

Hi Mommy Lacy

I'd love to see your persuasive powers at work :) I wonder who at the end of it all we sporting diapers??

Please add me

Take care


hi mommy. I would love to be forced to wear diapers. I will pout and complain that im a big boy and only want to wear underwear but deep down i know your right and you know what will be best for me. I hope to hear from you.

i would love to wear diapers for a mommy

i dont think add is real, i know a lot of us want it to be. no matter how old i get . i will always need one , just wish they were closer to my age. but i dont think there is a kind one out there for me . so just be kind to all people

sound nice forced yes but i do it just because i need too for work

hello mommy lacy i need a mommy to put me in diapers are you looking for a bay boy mommylacie

Hi, would you like to chat sometime? Ive recently been introduced to wearing diapers but have never worn them and would love to be forced :)

I would love for you to control me, make me wear a diaper and be your little sissy boy who wets himself.

Hi, can i add you

sounds great - would love to chat

please force me mommy!<br />
<br />

hi there i am my wifes sissy baby 247 so if you would like to chat get back in tough and we can chat all the best from baby glencoe2

I would love to get to know you I am very interested in seeing how you would force me into diapers will i have to have plastic pants on too?

Hi Mommylacy, My name is Teenie G because of my very small wee wee. I have worn diapers my whole life. I suck pacifier's, bottles, & whatever gets put in my mouth.I am so wet I am starting to leak. Going to go get changed now.

You sound like fun to me, want to chat sometime?