Bridal Store Lockdown

I went into a bridal store to buy a weeding dress for my self. My bridal consultant was overly helpful, and she was very beautiful! I was just soo attracted to her. I picked out a dress and went in the dressing room. The bridal consultant aked to join me, and i said of course!
She helped zip me up and told me me how great i looked in it.There was one other dress i liked so she went to get it and i tried it on and it was a little small. She then told me she had some other dresses for me to try on, and she brought them. When she left, i started to look for my clothes, and i could not find them. When she returned, i ask were they were, and she told me they were in another room. She saw i was shy when i came in the store, and she did not want me to rush through the dress selection process. After hearing this i was blushing alot. She took some of the dresses back and brought some more. I told her that i had decided on a dress, and she told me that she was not finished with me yet. She made me try on 4 more dresses! While i was trying on the last dress, she took the rest of the dresses back.
She came back with long wedding dress gloves and veil. She zipped me up and put the veil on me as i was putting on the long satin gloves.
She told me to take alittle bit and enjoy her favorite dress she picked out for me and that she would be back. After 20 minutes of looking at my self in the mirror, and practicing sitting down, i was ready to leave but i could not without my clothes. So i went out of my dressing room to ,look in the other room but they were not there, so i went back because the place was getting really busy with a lot of girls!
I was waiting again for a while when she came back without my clothes but with a book of shoes for me to look through in order.
i asked for my clothes and she said she would bring them when i picked out my shoes, because i needed to get used to the dress.
It took a while to pick out my shoes. She came back with my clothes and left. But when i tried to get out of the dress i could not unzip my self so i was trapped again. So for the next 30 mins i posed in the mirrors, and admired my self and i started to get excited when i smelt the Eternity Perfume she had sprayed on me earlier, and the fact i was wearing lacy satin wedding dress panties. I sat down on the bench with my hands behind my back tyring to think of someting else. She saw me sitting like this, she said it looked like i had handcuffed myself. i said i did not bring them with me. I asked her to bring me the bridesmaid dress i liked as long as it was in my size.
She took my clothes and told me she was swaping them out for the bridesmaid dress. She was back with the dress and she hung it up
and told me to stand up and put my hands behind my back. She handcuffed me, and told me they will come off if i agreed to confess a few things and wear the bridesmaid dress home. She asked if i liked guys. I said i think i am bi sexual. When she left the room, i heard her talking on the phone to her boyfriend and she asked him if he was interested in a 3 way. I heard this and i tried to get out of the handcuffs, i realized i could not get out of them, i got scared and tears started coming down my face, i just did not know if i was ready for guy. a while later she came back took the cuffs off and unzipped me, and helped me get in the bridesmaid dress. she left to go and wrap up the wedding dress and bag my clothes. It took me along time to build up enough courage to walk out in the bridesmaid dress. On the way out of the store i got alot of girls whistling at me, the experience was exciting but scary. I did like the whistling. I guess they were not ready for the ********* either.
MichelleJennifer MichelleJennifer
4 Responses Jan 18, 2011

Sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon. I would love to do a ********* in a wedding dress.

WOW, Sissy4her, that might truly be a sight to see! Usually one needs help getting into a wedding dress but "to do a ********* in a wedding dress" would certainly take a super large sized wedding dress....LOL!! Sorry all, it's late at night and I just couldn't resist!

What a neat story. Such an experience is my strongest desire and wish!

Did you get the weeding done in the dress?

Lovely fantasy, Michelle!