My Husband, Joey

I finally accepted that I am transgender and started living as a woman three months ago, I am extremely happy now and I have met the most wonderful man in Toronto who loves me and wants me to be his wife.  I plan to accept and live with him forever.  He promises to make a true woman of me and I want make him very happy,  He says he will be gentle with me, but I want him to treat me rough, and take me forcibly whenever he wants, I want to suck him dry and taste his ***** and have him fill me with his seed.  He has a feminine side as well, two of them actually, Joanie is very dominant and says she will spank me and make me kiss her toes and I can't wait.  Jo is a submissive girl and wants me to dominate her, I hope I am up to the task but I may have to use a ******* with her, I have low testosterone and it will be worse when I go on hormones
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3 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Nice I want a man that could treat me rough too mmmmm

no it will be better when you go on hormones honey!

I can't wait. Joey will love playing with them

You will do just fine my love. I love you baby

I know you do baby, and I love you just as much