Forced By Fate And My Wife

I started cross-dressing at a very young age. I was and still am a rather feminine looking boy, and I use the term boy loosely even when I was young. Even today at am only 5' 8" and weight a petite 140 pounds. I must admit I work to keep the weight off.

I can remember that when I was 8 years old I was playing with my favorite friend. Her name was Claudia and I thought she was great. We would "play with all of her dolls and do "Make Believe" where we would pretend to be different characters in a story we would make up as we played. She always seemed to make the rules of what story line we would play, she was quite bossy. One day we were playing and she said I was to be the captive princess. I agreed and the story began. She said I had to dress in her princess dress. I said I would and in reality I was very happy to be the 'Princess" thinking I was the main character. Claudia told me to take off my clothes and she would help dress me. I was afraid so she promised not to tell and she locked her bedroom door incase her mom (who never came in and bothered us) were to come by. I felt safe and said ok. When I was undressed she took off her clothes to put on the "Witch" dress. I saw her panties and told her that I liked them. She said I would have to wear panties too because I was the Princess. She got me a pair of her panties and made me push my pee pee down so I looked like a princess. I was hooked and after putting on the dress and slippers I was her "Captive Princess" for the whole day, doing whatever she demanded. She even made me cry by spanking me that day as she said "that is what happens to a Princess when she is caught by the Witch". From that day on I wanted to wear dresses and all other girls’ clothes.

When I got into my early teen years I was definitely not one of the jocks. I was not teased but not wanted or asked to be on any of the teams other than the coach or my friends would ask me so I did not feel badly. It was also at this time that I started to develop breasts. In fact my entire body was developing more into a female than that of a male. I had always been baby faced and had feminine features (high cheek bones and large eyes) however now I was also getting a waist and butt along with breasts. My parents took me to a doctor who said it was nothing to worry about as I would most likely grow out of this stage and nothing was wrong. Well by the time I was 17 he changed his diagnosis and said I had gynacomastia. Flatly put I was now a B-Cup and I was never going to get smaller without surgery. He also said I was producing a very low level of testosterone and that the natural estrogen in my body was converting it to estrogen. That was the reason for my wide hips, girly butt and waist. He recommended that when I was 18 years old I should consider having surgery to reduce my breasts to that of normal male. He also prescribed testosterone supplement for me to help counter the estrogen effect. My parents were concerned but because I was not upset they were calm with the whole thing and thankful I now had a prescription that would magically make me "more male". The truth though I hid from them was that I was very happy with the way I looked. The doctors diagnosis simply made it bearable at school and with others when they found out it was "medical condition". For the next 2 years until I was nearly 19 years old I faked taking the testrone pills and would throw it away so no could find out. The result was that only my best friend Claudia knew what I was doing and supported me through it all. Claudia also started giving me her birth control pills to make things happen even more. She would get a prescription for her and one from the clinic under another girls name. Well They Worked. Claudia and I remained friends until she moved to college and married. During this time she never told anyone of how she would help to dress me up, taught me to do my makeup etc. More times than I can count we went to the movies and other functions as 2 girls. She said I was her best girlfriend to the day she went away.

Well as fate would have it I met girl at college (Sondra). She accepted me as I was and even liked the fact that I was so very feminine. She and I became the talk of the campus for the 2 years we were attending there. I spent my entire last year as her lesbian girlfriend and was seldom seen in male clothing. We were married the summer of our second year. We are married to this day.

My wife was always a very horning lady. When we first met she made me agree that I would do as she asked if she was to be with me. I instantly agreed. She was the boss from day 1. As our relationship progressed she talked to me about the fact that I have a VERY SMALL penis and that it was very difficult for me to get it hard. When I did it was only about 3 inches in length. I knew this was the fact and also that I had almost nonexistent testicles. However I loved giving her oral sex all of the time. She made it clear though that from time to time she would need to have someone with a large **** take care of her. I understood and agreed asking only if I could watch or be there. She only agreed to a "sometimes" arraignment. Sondra started by bringing home a very handsome man. She had told me she was going to when she went out that night. I was with her as her girlfriend when she met the first of her now many male lovers at the bar. She introduced me and he though nothing other than I was her girlfriend. She asked him home with us and when we were there she explained the situation. He was amazed and said that he had been thinking he may get lucky and have a 3 some, thinking I was truly another girl. Sondra looked directly at me and said "That just may happen" to him. We all sat on the couch in front room and talked before Sondra started kissing and making out with him. I just watched. Both amazed and jealous of the action taking place just inches away. Sondra took her new man by the hand and stood up walking he and her into the kitchen to get another bottle of wine. When they returned she winked at him and said "What do you think?" to him. He turned and looked at me with hungry eyes and reached out to run his hands up my legs to the top of my very short skirt. I just looked at Sondra and asked "what was going on?" Sondra looked at me and said she was going to make sure I was a "True Girl" by the end of night. With that said, as though on queue, he put his arms around me and began kissing me as my wife was directing the whole act. I felt as though I was in another story like those of when Claudia and I were young. But this was for real and I was loving it. He kissed me and found his way at the beckoning of my wife to my breasts. Soon he was sucking on my breasts and I was moaning like the woman I was meant to be. Sondra had removed her clothes and was telling me what a Nasty Girl I was as well as encouraging me to be a ****. Sondra sat on the side of me and leaned over so she could alter kissing him and I at the same time. She then pushed my legs apart and started to finger me while he sucked on my breasts again. I was in heaven. Then it happened!! I felt Sondra take my hand and put it on his very large manhood which was now fully exposed as he had removed his pants. I felt her hand wrap my had around him and she started using my had to stroke him. I need nothing more as Sondra was telling me to do what a good **** does and play with him. He and Sondra were both in heaven. Sondra was fingering herself and giving her "****" orders of what to do. Then Sondra said it was time to see what it was like to Suck Him. I was her obedient **** and began to suck him. It was nearly imposable at first as I gagged over and over trying to get him deeper in my mouth. Sondra pushed him away from my breasts and pulled my panties off so she could lick and stick her tongue in my bottom. I was nearly screaming with pleasure. He immediately got behind Sondra and began F@#$%ing her until she was screaming into my bottom as she had one ****** after another; She said afterward that she came 4 times. Sondra then got up and pushed me onto the floor on my back she ordered me to spread my Slutty ***** Legs and said "You are going to become a woman forever" Sondra then told him to fill me with his ***!! I did as my wife ordered and spread my legs. He immediately got between my legs and spread them as wide as he could. Pushing my legs back on either side of my body so he could have full access to my virgin hole. Sondra told him to be careful for a little while I got used to having my "*****" filled with a real ****. He started to push it in me. It was a little painful at first, but I was very loose from all of the fingering my wife had been doing to me. Soon he was completely inside of me. I felt as though I was being filled with a tree!! I felt huge. The more he stroked inside of me the more Sondra ordered me to say I was nothing but a **** and *****, as well as many other very nasty things. I was screaming these things and moaning like a ***** as he pounded my "*****" for what seemed like a hours. Finally I heard him tell us he was going to ***!! Sondra demanded he *** inside of me. As he filled me with his *** Sondra held my face in her hands and made me look her straight in her face. She said "NOW you are a woman. You are filled with *** and you will be my lesbian husband and MY ***** for the rest of your life!!".

That was 11 years ago. To this day Sondra and I are still together. We are very much in love and I am sure that will never change. Sondra and I went to Thailand 3 years ago and I was given a complete sex change. I have had several follow up surgeries to make everything very neat and FULLY FEMALE between my legs. Sondra still has sex with men at least 3 to 4 times a week. Most of the time Sondra lets them have sex with me too. She has Many times made them "PAY to F@#$ Her *****". They love the way I moan and most of them enjoy the fact that Sondra encourages them to use Both my ***** and Butt for their satisfaction.

I consider my life to be perfect and adore being "Sondra's ***** Husband"

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Your story is my fantasy! I would love to have a wife that completed the real me.

Well let me tell u u r very lucky to find a wife like that that is like an impossible dream for me !!! Good luck hun !!!

How completely wonderful for you!