My Wife May Know Best!!

My story is true.
Like so many others here I have been confused about my sexuality since a very young age. Some label it as transgendered others just would call us sick or perverted. Personally I just think we are what we are.
I grew up first realizing that my desire to wear panties and other girls clothing was wrong to everyone but me when my mother first caught me with my neighbor friend while I was dressed completely as a princess including panties and shoes. I was just young and felt like this was part of playing. It just felt right to wear those items the same as Claudia my friend did. Truth is “I liked it” and wanted to be dressed that way. My mother saw it differently. I can still remember how she took me home and sat me down in my room to explain that it was ok to play make believe games. However I should be the Prince not the Princess as wearing girl’s clothes was only for girls and boys should not wear such clothing. I did not say anything but alright. However inside I was thinking that I wanted to be a girl and wear clothes like that more than I did my own clothes. From that point on I secretly hid my time when I would dress up from my mother and everyone else (except Claudia who never told anyone about our dress up times) to avoid what I knew would happen.
As I grew up I eventually started to wear complete outfits and studied to learn how to apply makeup. I found many resources, but the one which taught me the most was a woman at a Nordstrom counter who I became friends with. It started when I was shopping for makeup one day and was pretending to be looking for a gift for my mother. I was watching way too closely to a girl who was sitting in a chair and there were makeup beauticians helping to apply makeup on her. The lady helping me had been watching and I was so engrossed in the process I had not seen her watching me. She came up to me and said she thought she knew exactly what my mother would like, and could I step down to a different part of the makeup counter. I followed her to the end of the counter and she asked me some questions about what my mom liked. I was nervous and gave here stupid answers. She saw right through me and calmly said that perhaps she could show me makeup that would be perfect for me as I was probably the same complexion as my mother. I was way to quick to say she was right. She smiled and started to show me a complete line of makeup from top to bottom of what I would need. When it was time to pay for it all I was shocked at the bill. However I just had to have it no matter how much it was going to cost. I asked her to hold a few of the items and paid for about half of what there was there telling her I would be back shortly. I made a beeline to the bank and withdrew the money from my savings account to complete my purchase and headed back to the store. I finished paying for the items and she said that if I needed help applying it she would be happy come by when she was off and help me. I started to say it was for my mom when she said that she knew it was for me and that a lot of boys and men come in and buy makeup for themselves. I must have turned 5 shades of red but she seen I was nervous and said it was alright and she would never say anything to anyone. She told me to always come to her when I needed more makeup and she would be sure to keep my secret. I thanked her and told her how grateful I was to her. She then told me that she had noticed my panty lines and should I need any help in that area of the store she had a friend that could help me as well. I was very embarrassed but very grateful and turned on at the same time. She got me to set a time when my mother would be gone so she could come by my house to show me some makeup tricks before I left. She mentored me for nearly a year. She showed me how to do my makeup in ways that were amazing. Tricks I would never have gotten on my own. She also taught me to dress properly so I was convincing as a girl of my own age, even helping me pick out a wig that fit my style. It was a very expensive year of learning for a boy just barely 17, but it was worth every dollar. She was never sexual with me in any way.
I continued to date girls and never let on to anyone about my other side. Dressing only at home when I was alone. Then when I was nearly 18 years old I felt I would die if I were not able to go out dressed as the girl I was. I saved my money and decided I would go to a motel I knew had outside entrances to the rooms. I rented the room on a Friday and told my mother I was staying at a buddy’s house for the weekend. I went to the motel and changed into Danielle for what was to be an entire weekend. I was in heaven. After transforming into Danielle I walked around the room looking in the mirror at least a hundred times building up my courage to make my first outing as a girl. Looking back now I should have never been nervous at all. I was a skinny kid who weighed only 140 pounds and stood only 5’8” in height. To this day I am only 160 pounds and 5’10” in height. I looked every bit a 17 year old girl. I spent the entire weekend going to movies, shopping for girl’s items and going to the mall. I became more confident every moment. It was at the mall on Sunday morning that my first experience with boys who found me attractive happened. I was in the food court having a bagel and coffee when a boy came over and started to talk to me. I had gotten pretty good at talking in a girlish voice and my voice was anything but low at that age. He was completely convinced I was a girl. I was nervous as hell for the first few minutes making sure not to look at him directly. He told me he thought my shyness was attractive and sat down at the table. He was flirting up a storm with me and I was becoming more confident and bold as every minute passed. When I got up to leave he said he would like to walk with me. I agreed and he and I walked around the mall talking. I decided to see just how bold I dare be and started looking at different shops for items. He followed along and I even had him wait as I tried on several dresses, stepping out long enough to let him see me and asking his opinion. I never bought any of the dresses. Then the thought hit me of seeing if I could embarrass him. As we were walking by the Victoria Secrets store I said I wanted to look at some things inside. I thought he would die, but instead he followed me inside and I looked at a several panties and bras. Holding them up to myself in a teasing manner. He had an erection showing that made me feel proud I had given it to him inside of myself. I ended up purchasing a bra and panty set and we left. I told him I was going to have to leave and he asked if he could get my number. I gave him a fake number and started out of the mall. He was following me and I asked him where he was going? He said his car. We were parked just few lanes apart come to find out. He followed me to my car and opened my door for me. I thanked him and he suddenly leaned in and kissed me. I was not expecting this and was unsure what to do. I decided I would go along with it as he would never see me again. We kissed several times and then he opened my door and held me while he kissed me more. I was confused about what to do but was also getting VERY turned on!! He started to feel my legs and was trying to go higher when I stopped him and said I really needed to go. He kissed me and hugged me several times more and then left. From then on I was hooked!! I knew I wanted to be dressed and would eventually be with a man as a woman!!
The years passed and I started living two lives. One as Danielle and one as Linn. As Linn I was dating several girls and enjoyed sex as often as possible. As Danielle I was seeing several men. I would always tell them I was not a girl when we would meet. Many would not bother me again. But surprisingly most were either curious or so attracted they did not care. Those men usually ended up taking me to bed or getting my oral services as a reward. I had to admit to myself that Danielle was a bit of a ****.
I met my wife during this time. He liked the fact that I had very long hair and we hit it off from the first date. We dated for about 6 months before I asked her to marry me. She said yes and we set a time in September to be married. I fought with my inner desires from that day on. I did not see men anymore. However I was still secretly dressing as Danielle as often as I could. I decided that if I were to marry her I had to tell her about Danielle. I approached her one night and we started to talk about secrets and fantasies. I eventually told her that one of my fantasies was to try dressing as a girl. I chickened out and did not tell here everything. She said she thought I would make a beautiful girl and agreed to make my fantasy come true. She took me that weekend to her place and did what she thought was my first makeover. While doing this she remarked about how easy it was as I kept my eyebrows plucked and my hair was so long. I never let on that it was anything but my first experience. After it was all over she said I was amazing and no one would ever know I was not a girl. She also said she had enjoyed it but that she did not want me dressing like that again as she was marrying a man. I agreed and laughed it off knowing that if I wanted to keep her I could never tell her about Danielle.
That was 3 years ago. We are very happy in our marriage and I still have a secret place I keep with all of Danielle clothing etc. It is not hard as I make very good money and travel quite a bit for my business. When I travel out of town (quite often) I spend my nights and free days as Danielle. My wife has never seen me with any body hair and I have told her I have never had any. Of course that is not true. I did have a very small amount of body hair before I started dressing but had been having my body waxed since I was 17 years old. I have now had laser hair removal and I have no hair except a my pubic hair which I have not had completely removed. My wife never questions me about this because she has never seen any different. When I am out of town I have refrained being with any men. About 6 months ago I ordered estrogen, anti androgens and other hormones. I started taking the hormones in small doses at first, increasing them over the next 3 months. They started to work about 2 months into taking them. First was the nodules under my nipples, which were also starting to get bigger and poking out. I told my wife I was concerned and that I was going to the doctor to find out what was going on. I came home with a story that I was suffering from male gynecomastia male breast enlargement at a later age than most men. Something that the doctor said was rare but nothing could be done about it. I told her that my breasts may become even larger as time went on. She was sympathetic about this and said she did not care and that I would just have to keep my shirt on if we went to the beach in the future. I thanked her and over the course of the next 3 months my body changed even more. I was taking Viagra as my erections were hard to get and maintain. She never knew and did not care as I was keeping her satisfied. My butt has gotten very feminine, my waist is totally like that of a girl and after 8 months now my breasts are nearly a B-Cup. I have decided not to go further and have stopped taking hormones as of a month ago. I am still however developing more feminine features even though I am not taking hormones. My testicles are almost non existent. I am actually happy about this. My penis is definitely smaller, but my wife is still happy thanks to the Viagra. I truly look more female than male now. When I am Danielle there is no way anyone would ever know I was anything but a female unless I was naked.
The urge to be with a male has been occupying my thoughts all of the time now for the last several months. Seems the hormones make me feel and think much more like a female than I ever thought I could. My wife totally accepts me the way I am but last week she asked if I would ever like to dress as a woman again? I told her I had not really thought about it. She told me she had thought about it many times and asked if I would let her dress me up again? She said she would never tell anyone but she could not help her being curious about how I would look as a woman since my medical condition had changed my body so much. I acted as though I was reluctant but agreed to her request. She insisted she take me shopping and that she would act as though the things she were buying were for her. I agreed and she and I went shopping for the entire afternoon. She purchased and entire outfit. Skin out. I protested but gave in to her saying it would only be for fun. She agreed and we finished with her picking out and purchasing several outfits, including several pair of shoes to go along with the outfits. She said she wanted to make it special and said she would take me out of town and we could do it the coming weekend. I agreed and she insisted on setting the whole thing up herself but made me promise I would not CHICEKN OUT at the last minute. I agreed and said it may be fun.
The next weekend she was good to her word and we were off on and adventure. She was more excited than I had seen her in years. When we arrived she said she wanted me to change as soon as we got in the hotel room door. I told her I would need her help and she went wild. She became very dominant and started barking orders to me. Telling me to bath and use bubble bath that she had purchased at Bed and Bath so I would smell good. When I had bathed she instructed me in how to dress and what to put on. She made sure tell me how amazing I looked as a woman while she expertly applied my makeup. She plucked my eyebrows even thinner than they were already against my protest. She said they would grow out soon enough. I pretended to agree with a reluctance. When she was done she was completely over the edge. She was also very horny. I was too. She told me there would be no intercourse with her until that night. She then told me that I was to lick her until she was satisfied. I was quick to obey and after several orgasams she was happy and ready to move to the rest of her planned out weekend. She again fixed my makeup and announced she was taking me out. I again protested but of course she insisted and I gave in. She took me to a salon where she explained she had and appointment set up for us to have a pedicure and manicure. She said that if I would just act the way I was dressed not one person would know. I again reluctantly agreed. I was feeling WONDERFUL and it was starting to show a bit. While in the chair getting my pedicure the salon assistant started talking to me. My wife was seated next to me and looked at me wondering what I might do. I spoke to the girl in my best feminine voice and my wives face was priceless. She literally stared and then broke into a huge smile. The rest of the time there was pleasant. When we left she gushed over how much I had fooled the girl at the salon. She was amazed and very happy. Then she announced she was going to make me do something that I may not like too much. I looked at her and wondered what was going to come out of her mouth next. She firmly announced she was taking me to have my ears pierced, and I had not better protest!! I looked at her and said…ok….after all I can always let them close up after this weekend. My wife hugged me and kissed me smearing our lipstick saying I was truly a good sport. We got my ears pierced and as soon as we left the salon she expertly worked a pair of long dangly earrings in the new holes. I was amazed that it was so painless and easy for her to get the new ones through the holes.
We spent the whole weekend as Mrs. And Mrs. Going all over the Tampa Bay area. Doing only things that 2 girls would do. When the weekend ended my wife watched and complained when I started to change back to my male self in the Hotel before we were to leave to go back home. I explained we could not live like this forever and I was her husband. She agreed but made me agree we could do this again and that if she wanted I would become female again at home when we were alone. I agreed.
That was a year ago. My wife is hooked and I chose the name for me when dressed as, what else, Danielle. She has me spend over half of my time as Danielle now and we travel to other cities often where we explore the sites and night life as 2 girls. She has watched and encouraged me to dance with many men when we go out this way. She even has had men to our table many times lately and enjoyed the way they flirt with us. We have always gone home together and never shared with another man. I am afraid that may change though now.
My wife asked me this weekend while we were in Las Vegas having a girls night out if I would agree to fill another of her fantasies. I said yes without even hearing what it was. She then said I could not back out. I asked what it was she wanted to do? She again said I could not back out as I had already agreed to do it. I said ok, and asked her what she had on her mischievous mind. She looked me right in the face and said she was doing to do 2 things to me. First she reached in her purse and produced what I recognized as female hormones. I was shocked, but acted like I did not know what they were. She explained she wanted to take the hormones for just a few months to see if my breasts would get just a little bigger. She went right into an explanation of how she had read about this and that if I stopped taking them my breasts would go back to what they were before. I knew this was not true as I still had large A-Cup breasts from my taking hormones. My breasts had gotten a bit smaller but my breasts are permanent. I asked her if she were sure about this and she said she was sure. I then asked her what if they did not go back to where they were when I stopped taking the hormones? She said she would not care as she was used to me having boobs already and she secretly enjoyed sucking and playing with them. She said she loved the way I got so turned on when she did this to me. I agreed and asked her what the second thing she wanted to do. She took a very long moment and then said………remember your agreed, right? I said yes. She then said………ok, here goes. I want you to go on a date with me. I laughed and said I loved going on dates with her no matter how I was dressed or if my boobs were to get bigger. She laughed and then paused again. She said……..I don’t mean me and you together. I want to set us both up with dates with other men. I want you to be with a man at the same time I am with another man. I JUST STARED AT HER WITH MY MOUTH HANGING OPEN!! She seen my reaction and started justifying it as her fantasy and that she would not think I was gay or anything. She said she had always had this fantasy and that seeing me sucking another man and being taken like a woman would make her unbelievably happy and would turn her on completely. She started begging saying…………Please, Please, Please!!! If you do this for me I will never ask you to do anything else and I will do anything you ever ask me to do for you too!! I looked at my wife and asked her if I did this would she be having sex with the other man at the same time? She said…..If it is ok with you I will. But if you don’t want me to I will just give him a blow job or something. Please. Do it for Me. I told her I would think about it, but she started begging again. I then said I would. But I did not know anyone who I could get to do this fantasy. She started to get totally crazy saying I had made her the happiest person alive and that not to worry about finding someone as she had already found him. I asked what she meant. She explained that she had talked to one of the guys we had met a bar one night when out as 2 girls. She said he had been relentless about her giving him her girlfriend’s phone number and she finally had told him I was really her husband and not a true female. She said he did not believe her as I definitely had real breasts. She told him about me and he told her he did not care as he was completely taken by me. She had been in touch with him for over 2 months. I wondered why he had so mysteriously been in the place visiting at the same bar just 2 weeks prior and just happened to run into us there. Now I knew why. I told her if I did this I was going to have my own request of her after it was over. She agreed and said ….ANYTHING, I MEAN ANYTHING!!! I said I would but she would have to train me how to please a man before I was to become a woman. She agreed and said she would get a ******* and teach me to suck it as well as get me ready and used to having something inside of me. I played it up big and told her I was nervous and that I had never had anything in me before. She told me I would love it and that I would never be able to forget how wonderful it feels to have a man climax inside of me. She said…….You may become addicted to it!! I wanted to say I was already addicted to it but instead I told her that would never happen as I enjoyed her too much.
Well this last weekend was the big event. It went Amazingly Well!! My wife is completely over the edge thankful to me for going through with it. I have told her I was really shocked that I liked it so much and that I may agree to do it again. She instantly agreed and started gushing how she had never seen or heard anything so sexy as when I was having sex with Richard. She loved the way I moaned and how he made such loud noises as he filled me with his ***. She said she was so turned on by watching us that she hardly even noticed the sex she was having the whole time. I laughed at her and said I did not believe that one. She laughed and said…..ok it was great for me too. I even enjoyed knowing another man was ******* in me and you knew it. I asked her after this comment if she was sure she had taken her birth control pills and she replied……Of course!! I am not CRAZY!! Then she said something that made me feel all crazy inside. She said……..Richard came in you too. What would you do if you got pregnant?? I just looked at her. She then said…….GOD, I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU WITH A REAL ***** AND WATCH YOUR STOMACH SWELL UP KNOWING YOU WERE PREGNANT!!! I broke the silence by kind of laughing. But my wife was totally serious!! I told her that would never happen. She replied…..Maybe not the pregnant part but, YOU HAVING A ***** IS DEFINITELY POSSIBLE!!
I have no idea where this will end. She can be VERY persuasive.
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Sounds like a dream come true

Thank Youg Garter
I feel very luck. I have a wonderful wife. She is again talking about how she wants to see me with a *****. My breasts and body are really responding to the hormones too. She is hooked on the idea of me having a sex change. I hear about it non stop now. I am now agreeing with her and setting plans. She insists that there is a way to have a Uterus given to me through a surgery in Europe. She even showed me the site where surgeons implanted a Uterus in a woman and she was able to carry a baby full term. I am sure she is serious about this now.

what a great story and you're a lucky guy Danielle