Ugly Maleness Into Beautiful Womanhood

I always struggled with my sexuality, growing up, through my teens, an as a young adult. It wasn't until after the break-up of my ex-wife and I, and her complaints that I wastoo feminine in my love-making, that I realized that she was right, and the reason was that emotionaly, psychologically, and sexual, I am a woman, transgendered, but a woman trapped inside this male body.

Since then, I have searched for greater aspects of this femininity and found that the woman inside hasmany sides-sensual, delicate. sexually-starved and submissive in gratitude for the someone that will set her free. I've spoken with prostitutes, escorts, shemales, trannies,and other transsexuals and have found that being forced into womanhood is a reward, not a punishment. The greatest reward is when our lover/master/partner goes beyond theclothing, perfume, and wigs, and takes us to a new level of femininity with breasts, body modifications like *** improvements, FFS, and othersurgeriesthat free the woman inside.

I'm sitting here, in the corner of my bed, topless, looking at male breasts and small nipples, at my crotch and wishing that my legs were high over someone's shoulders and being ****** intensely, and at the mirror across the room-wanting the whole package-large,tear-dropped breasts, tight/thin waist, plump lips for kissing and sucking, and a totally beautiful face for when my partner gets tired of my *** and clitty-he or she can pull me closer and I can please him or her with soulful eyes that crave more, feminine point to my nose to poke that spot behind the ear, and plump, dripping lipsto kiss away the day andsuck awayall the tension. Oh, Gawd! I am so horny! So starved! And I refuse to love or be made love to a male or until my lover give me my heart's echo to live!I am transgendered, I am woman, and I am bi-sexual...I can have it all! Wherever you are, come rescue me and I will be yours to mold to your desires. To force the willing? Force me more!

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3 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Fabulous sweetie

I have read this story again and now know that you would enjoy my stories if you read them. Find them and share me!<br />
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Oh CJ, <br />
Your desires so turn me on. If we could meet I would do all you desire. I adore my fledgling breasts (of which no one is aware but me - even my wife) and hate my genitals.