Oh How I Wish....

My fantasy is to be forced by my girlfriend/mistress to have to go to work as a sexy secretary, i would have to travel in everyday by public transport but i would only be allowed to wear the following...

from the feet up, a minimum of Four inch black patent sandals, with red painted toenails, black sheer stockings with the line up the back (they have to be sheer to make sure i have absolutely no leg stubble), a dark satin pencil skirt that only allows me to wiggle instead of taking proper steps, a silk/satin blouse with a bow/frills around the neckline (covering a boned corset that keeps my waist tiny) my make up must be perfect - red lippy, slight blusher, and eyeshadow with this i will have to wear a long platinum blonde wig, my fingernails must be always polished and at least two centimeters long (if i break one i must use stick-ons to keep the length) and painted in matching red, so my toes and fingers match

i am allowed a small patent purse to carry my travel card (which has my male face still on so that if i get a ticket attendant i must show my face to them), lipstick and nail polish, absolutely no money or mobile phone

i must walk to and from the tubestation, without an overcoat or a hat so that everyone can see me, when i get on the tube i must stand (no matter how sore my feet get!!) and at busy times when the tube is packed if a man rubs against me i must smile sweetly and gently brush my hand over his crotch and hold it for a few seconds

i am told by my mistress that she has somebody watching me at all times and if i don't do as instructed i will have travel the rest of the week without my wig

if you like the story so far, please leave nice comments and i will add what i have to do when i get to work....

thanks for reading 





stephaniejonson stephaniejonson
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5 Responses Feb 15, 2010

Oh Steph, that's a lovely fantasy. I wish we could go to work together as a pair of leggy lovelies, enjoying the attention of men, and indeed women, as we mince prettily along in our high heels.

Yes, please tell us more, it's a great story so far!!!

would love to do the same please tel;l us if this has happend yet

yes please tell more that sounds wonderful so far

sounds wonderful, steph. please write more!