Forced Anal Plug

Mistress M had me cuffed to the bed, I was on my knees with the cuffs attached to the headboard, she had a penis gag installed in my mouth, the gates of hell with a ball spreader on penis and balls, she then showed me a med. sized black plug, she stated that this is just a warm-up for your anus, she then showed me the large and xx large plugs which she stated that shw would be using later. Mistress M then lubed my anus, (she had given me a enema 1 1/2 hrs prior to be clean), and slowly inserted the med. plug, after installing the plug, she took a wooden paddle and spanked my *** driving the plug deep with each strike. Mistress M used  the large then the xx large plugs and spanked me over and over. Afterwards she put a harness on me with the xxl plug inserted, also a garterbelt/nylons, full cut nylon panties, a 1/2 slip, bra and dress, a female mask and wig, she then took me out to a local bar dressed as a woman, at the bar she would lift the back of the dress and show to all my plugged anus, and tell everyone how much I enjoyed it and being crossdressed, (which I do love), she also showed the humongous anal plug 8X4.50 inches to all of them and saying this is what he will be wearing soon.
I am now with out the Mistress, and working at the insert of the humongous plug, and want to try doubles ******* next, the feeling of the plugs is great and gets better with time.....
zoom715 zoom715 56-60 4 Responses Oct 30, 2010

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zoom715 That all sounds great 2 me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joie B. in Pa.

I have to agree with Newgirl24, i would love to have your Mistress!

I too have the plastic panties, also satique panties, really nice feel, also have a couple of different types of latex anal panties, ones with the penis type, 6 inch, and a pair with a anal plug that inflates to a large size, both types are fun to wear when your out walking around !!!!

Sounds good 2 me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joie B.