Chastity has been a fetish of mine for quite some time, and I've been experimenting with it for the last few months.

So far, I'm self-locked only. I would highly enjoy being in a relationship with a woman who holds the key and am envious of some of the other experiences I read here.

I own a CB6000s and Jail Bird device, highly preferring the Jail Bird. (The more open design is far easier to clean without removing the device but is still secure.) Cleanliness is one of the few negatives I've experienced, and if I ever get my urethral reroute, it will eliminate that issue entirely.
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Fancy exchanging keys?

A urethral relocation will certainly help eliminate the cleanliness issue, dear! ;-) However once it is done you'll have to practice female hygiene ... wiping after you pee and wearing clean panties each day or, since it will result in having a short urethra like every woman, risk getting a UTI.

Strange as it may seem (or not, considering the subject here,) the feminine hygiene requirements are actually part of the allure for me.

That doesn't surprise me at all because I felt a lot the same way. I must be doing it right because I've still haven't had a UTI. ;-)