Dream Come True

Well, sort of....
I all ready wore panties, usually the plainest, most comfortable " safe " panties.My wife has decided to clear out any signs of these kind of panties, and replace them with all lace, lace trimmed, and sheer panties in bright, and sexy colors.I had kept some of the plain ones for just in case, but  she found them and disposed of them quickly, and now all that is left is the sexy black ones, and a growing number of lacy panties in pretty colors, I see pink, and polka dot with lace, and lots of other really fem panties in the drawer now.
She informed me that I am to only wear what she wants me to wear, and that means lace !! I am not allowed to have any panties that do not meet her approval, and she wants to dress me in the sexiest, and prettiest panties that can fit me.
Since she is having such fun at this I told her to pick out the panty of the day, and make me wear it.It is such a turn on, and I love the way those panties feel , and look on me.
I told her that I would love to have his and hers matching panties....she is working on that !!!
SexyRay SexyRay
1 Response Jul 20, 2010

Lucky you.