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When you are the youngest child and only son and when you have no male cousins, only female then you find yourself continuously surrounded by female clothes and you cannot but help to just try! Add to that the fact that your youngest sister (6 years older) hates the fact you are male and younger and the fact that your nearest cousin (only a year older than you) is arogant and spoilt and also hates you being a male and threatening her nice life as grannys favourite. then it almost explains why i was forced to wear female cast offs, (we were quite poor) and why certain dominant females took advantage.

Hence why i write stories on a theme of forced feminization and forced cross dressing.

If you want me to write some here please, i just love to be asked, almost as much as i love to be told
Riche Riche
46-50, M
4 Responses Jul 23, 2010

be happy to have so beautiful years as a child my lady

You'll be spanked immediately if you don't write some stories right now young lady!

write some, NOW

thats the trouble you never get better, so just learn to love it