Duped .. Not Forced

My wife had recently decided that she wanted to have me wear only pretty, lacy panties, but we had agreed, ( I thought )that I would have access to a couple of pair of the plain panties, for just in case occasions, doctors visit etc. you get the idea.
Well, I went to get just such a plain panty, and found that she had decided to get rid of all of the plain ones, and now I have only the choice of lace trimmed, or all lace.The bulk of which are bright colors, and some really wild patterns, really pretty, and obvious style.
She refuses to allow me to wear anything but these, and has begun to tell me what she wants me to wear.
I was a little apprehensive , to the strict choices, but I am so turned on by her doing this, that it is such a thrill !!!
SexyRay SexyRay
3 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Of course, daer one, She will channel your choices and set the hook firmly. You are such a gurl!<br />
<br />
hugs, Carpathia

Apprehensive, but you love it really! I would - the thrill of being discovered and the possible humiliation?

Lucky guy!