Taken ... To The Next Level

I spent my first weekend dressed up.My wife locked the door to my closet, and made me wear only what she had for me.She would get bored with what I was wearing, and have me change into what she wanted to see.
I was not allowed to be without some form of lingerie on at all times.I often walked around the house in a cami-panty set, and thigh high stockings.I modeled different panties for her, and she had me try out lots of different thigh highs, and stockings.She just loves me in stockings, and the pretty panties that she likes.I had more training in walking in heels, and now I have 4 pairs of heels to wear, and I WILL wear them.She actually had me in a dress, but decided against it, seems she likes to see the lingerie, I got permission to wear a micromini skirt of maybe even a really short dress, but she says it has to be flared or ruffled, no plain stuff.

SexyRay SexyRay
5 Responses Aug 9, 2010

...naughty dream come true.

Is this your dream come true? It would be for me!

What a lucky guy. Can't wait to hear more!

Oh, you are lucky...

congrats. Some people wouldn't like that but it would be a dream for me :)