Panty Shopping Humiliation

My wife knows that I am a submissive sissy and enjoys embarrassing me. She has me get dressed in compete lingerie.......Panties, bra, stockings, girdle with garters. Then she picks out one of my shirts for me, making sure it is light colored and thin enough to show my bra clearly....mercifully she lets me cover up with a sweater or jacket, I thank her profusely for this. We then go to the mall and she teases me by taking me to lingerie departments. We move through the panties, bras, slips and shapewear looking for bargains. When she finds things she may want me to buy, she makes me hold them. Soon an am holding panties, bras and other lacey things. If a clerk comes up to offer help, she makes it clear that we are shopping for me.....which leads to giggles. Once she asked the clerk to measure my chest, which was very embarrassing. If I hesitate or get impatient, she threatens to make me take off my jacket and expose my bra so I obey meekly. When she decides we have enough dainty, lacey things for me she often makes me take off my jacket so everyone can see my bra clearly, then she has me take the dainty things to the check out. During check out I have to mention that the items are for me which starts a very embarrassing conversation with the young female clerks about how nice they will look on me. It is all very humiliating. This has become a very effective form of discipline. If she doesn't like my behavior or even my attitude, she reminds me that if I don't correct it, she will take me on a lingerie shopping trip to show off my bra. I get in line pretty quickly, and if I don't, I find myself taking some new panty purchases to the counter with my lacey bra showing through my tight shirt. Yesterday, she told me that next time I will be wearing a sheer ladies blouse under my jacket. I will be a very obedient sissy knowing that is under my jacket.
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Great story, I like wearing all types of silk lingerie and dresses, so I would love this activity.

something tht i do with my bf !!

This humiliation training is very effective, keeps me very submissive