Wife Puts Me In Panties And Proves I Am A Sissy

My wife became suspicious that I was a cross dresser when she found a pair of her panties and a bra in my suitcase when I returned from a business trip. I told her I didn't know how they got there but she didn't believe me. She then proposed a test. If I could put the panties and bra on without getting excited, she would believe me. I had no choice, I had to accept her test or risk an admission of guilt. I thought I could control myself and hide my fetish. She told me to undress. Then she went to her lingerie drawer and pulled out a pink, lacey panties and a matching bra.. There I was, standing naked, trying to not to get excited, looking at her feminine under things she was about to make me wear. She began to tell how pretty I was going to look in these dainty things as she laid them out on the bed. She had me come closer and asked me if I was going to like wearing what she picked out. I could not control myself, I quickly became hard as a rock. She pointed at me and said, :"wow, you certainly are proving what a crossdressing sissy you are. You are excited just looking at my lingerie. I can't wait to see how excited you are after I put them on you! Now step into these pretty panties." I was so excited and embarrassed that I was trembling. She pulled the panties up and then took the bra and slipped it on and fastened it. She took me by the hand and walked me over the the mirror and told me to kneel. There I was, kneeling and looking at myself in my wife's bra and panties...she told me that the test proved I was a sissy crossdresser. I began to cry and admitted that I was. Her response was "'Good, I think it will be fun for me to have a sissy husband to dress. Let me find a pretty nightgown to slip on you."  She found a lacey pink, nylon baby doll and slipped on me and told me it was bedtime. I got into bed dressed in my bra, panties and babydoll.   She was naked as usual.   She leaned over, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said "this is how sissies dress for bed, and this is how you will dress from now on.  Don't even try to get in bed unless you are dressed in your panties, bra and nightie.  We will go shopping to get you some of your own lingerie tomorrow.  Sleep tight"
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fun wife

Great story! Something very simliar happened to me as well. I am so lucky to have an understanding wife. How hard were you sleeping in that outfit?

Well, I'm sitting in a hotel right now in bra and panties...I could try this at home and see if it works...