Sister Turns My Wife On To Forced Feminization

When I was a teenager my older sister Beth caught me dressed in her bra and panties. She told Mom and they decided that my punishment would be having to wear panties for a week. First they took me shopping and made me buy my own panties, then I had to wear them all day for the whole week. Toward the end of the week, Beth had a sleep over with her best girlfriends, Jenny and Marci. They had just come home from a school dance and they were all wearing pretty party dresses. Beth could not resist telling them that I was being punished by wearing panties....of course the girls wanted to see them. Beth made me lower my pants a show them my pink, lacey panties. They laughed and laughed. They started to change into their pajama's when Jenny, a gleam in her eye, suggested that they have a party dress fashion show with me as the model. They all agreed that it was a great idea. I tried to run but Beth firmly commanded me to stay put or else she would tell Mom that I had been disobedient. I reluctantly peeled off my boy clothes as they picked the first party dress for me to model. They selected Jenny's white, chiffon beauty. It included a crinoline to fluff out the skirts and was very short on me. Jenny insisted that I wear her bra and panties with the dress. I was incredibly humiliated as Jenny hooked her bra around my breasts and then handed me her panties. They added the crinoline, slip, pantyhose and then the dress which the girls buttoned up for me. High heels completed my outfit. There I stood, dressed completely in Jenny's party outfit down to her panties. Tears of humiliation rolled down my cheeks. Then out came the camera. I had to pose as Jenny had when earlier photos were taken of her in the same dress. Beth made me lift my dress and let them take a photo that showed me in Jenny's panties. I had to smile in all the photos so it looked like I was enjoying this humiliation. Doubly embarrassing was the obvious arousal I displayed, the girls noted this and teased me about it mercilessly.

I then had to repeat this wearing Beth's dress and lingerie and then Marci's. Beth couldn't wait to put together a photo album. She arranged the photos of the girls in their dresses next to the photos with me in the same dress so they could compare. Of course, I looked like a sissy boy dressed in pretty gowns. She then added the photos of me holding up my hems to show that I was wearing their panties. How humiliating and what a great way to blackmail me. I obeyed Beth without hesitation until she headed off to college. Once she did, I fournd the album and threw it out, putting that embarrassing chapter behind me.

Now, many years later, I am married and my wife, Linda, has been open to me putting on her panties when we make love which allows me to enjoy some crossdressing.

Last week Linda and I visited my mother and Beth stopped over to visit. We were reminiscing when Mom brought up the panty punishment and the party dresss fashion show. She and Beth had a great time telling the story to Linda. Then Mom asked Beth, didn't you have a photo album from that night? Beth said yes and headed upstairs to get it. I was shocked when she returned with the album in hand. Beth lookd at me and said "Surprised are you?" You didn't know I made 2 albums just in case. Good thing I did. Seems the first one disappeared.
Linda was captivated as Beth and Mom showed her each page giggling the whole time. Then it came out. Beth described how she had blackmailed me into being her submissive servant and how effective it had been since te photos gave here complete control over me. She even described how she made me wash all of her lingerie by hand during her senior year and put it neatly back in her dresser. She also made me wear panties often and play dress up with her girlfriends. Linda loved it and disclosed that I she knew I liked to wear panties but she had no idea how far back my fetish went. Beth then leaned over to Mom and Linda and started whispering. After a lengthy time of scheming, Linda announced that we were going to have a fashion show and you guessed it, I was going to be the model. Beth ran upstairs and emerged with that same party dress from that night long ago. In a short time, they had me fully dressed in the teenage party gown with all the lingerie trimmings, including the panties Beth had been wearing. Once again I was forced to wear my sisters panties, just like my teen days. The camera clicked away. Then Linda pulled out a feminine, lacey babydoll nightgown from her suit case and insisted that I model it from them. Soon I was posing again, this time wearing Linda's panties. They showed clearly beneath the short hem of the babydoll nightie. They took several photos, making sure that I displayed big smiles. Numerous comments were made about how aroused I was by this forced crossdressing. The photos were quickly stored.......Linda then looked at me and said, Now I have the photos and you are going to obey me without hesitation, isn't that right my little sissy? Let's start by getting you into one of my cute little sundresses for the rest of the afternoon. I jumped to putting in on over the bra and panties she selected knowing the release of those photos was hanging over my head.

Later that evening I was allowed to put on a blouse and jeans for a trip to the mall to start building my newly required feminine wardrobe. I wore a light jacket, hoping to hide my bra that showed clearly through the white sheer blouse. Linda made me take it off once we got to Macy's lingerie dept. It was so humiliating to have to shop for lingerie with my lacy bra showing under my sheer blouse. Once they selected an array of bras, panties, slips, pantyhose and shapers for me, I had to take them to the young sales girl to check out myself.

Mom and Beth congratulated Linda on her decisive action and new power over me and assured her that she will enjoy having an obedient, submissive, sissy husband to cater to her whims. Linda said that she couldn't wait to get me started by giving me a new chore - hand washing, drying and folding her lingerie (and mine) and arranging it neatly in our matching lingerie chests.

That night Linda had me dress for bed right after dinner. I had to spend the rest of the evening in panties, bra and a feminine baby doll nightie that showed my panties. Beth teased me to no end.

I knew my life would never be the same.

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wow what a story I got a huge hard on think how much fun that would be!

This is a fantastic story. Thank you so much for sharing it

when did she pop your cherry?

Oh my, youve lived a fantasy ive had all my life. Thanks for sharing.

Love the story, my sister did the same to me.
My wife also put me into panties on our wedding day and I have continued wear them for 12 years, I even wear them to the doctors

If its true you had a ball!

I swear that I pity. You have to have balls. You have to confront your wife or you will live happily ever. You have to confront your wife, your sister and your mother. If they want to show the photos that put, if step for years. You have to have balls. I hope the next time you answer me, is saying that you did. What is worse, suffer a little humiliation for some pictures, or be humiliated and pushed around by your wife a lifetime. If I were you, I would have killed my wife long ago

Dude, that is the only realistic thing I've seen from this story, I mean come on, getting dominated so easily? Grow some balls, geez.