A Fantasy To Be Dressed

I fantasize about having 2 women dress me up. They talk to me as they pull out each item for me to wear. They tell me what a sissy I am as they get me ready. When they are done, I am presented to a man for his pleasure. The women then instruct me on the finer points of good service.
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3 Responses Sep 18, 2012

Ur fantasy iz mine! As a 30yr+ lingerie CD,I'd love to have my (god-mother) dress me in her
finest panty-drawer treasures....knowing how thev'd enhanced my JO pleasures....The explanation & sympathy is key. To have her cradle my swollen root in her long,elegant & cool fingers..OMG!

Those panties can be wonderful to explore

Fabulous sweetie

Sugar would you like me to dress you?

That sounds very inviting. How would you dress me

Well i was thinking of a nice lacey bra or maybe a bustier for starts ,stockings some sexy panties avery short skirt sheer blouse and of course heel to complete the look.

That sounds very appealing