Working With Lingerie Models Part 1

I have a great job. I work for a small lingerie company as a catalog designer. When not doing layouts I help with the photoshoots. I move scenery, adjust lights or get equipment. But the most fun is helping the 3 models get ready and in between takes. I fetch their shoes or robes and I sheet to sit and talk to the ones while they're not be photographed. Most of all I get to see and sometimes touch all the pretty intimates. I love our company's lingerie and secretly want to wear all of it.
The models are all well endowed and curvy women. Tiffany is a tall dark haired beauty. She's bold and speaks her mind. Tiffany's married but not seriously and has put in several long nights during shoots or company functions. Liz, my favorite, is a shorter brunette with a heart of gold. We spend a lot of time chatting in the dressing room. Liz dates several men and often warns me not to get serious about anyone. Then there's Ash, the blond. She's all business at work. Friendly but not too friendly.
It was just a week ago when we doing a Friday shoot. The photographer called in sick and said he could send a sub in for Saturday. The girls were standing there in their bras and panties waiting to be photographed. This was for the spring catalog and had to get done. All the had dates but agreed to come in the next day. Liz asked if I was ok with and I said yes I didn't have anything going on. Tiff was quick to say that I never had anything going on. Tiff then asked who the sub photographer was going to be. I told her the name and Tiff got a sad look on her face. She said darn he's gay. Good looking but he won't go to bed with me. Liz and Ash giggled at Tiff as if she didn't have enough men to choose from. The girls dressed and I walked out with Liz who was going to her bf's house. She looked at me and said I think there's something you want to tell me. I said no. Liz said don't look down sweetie. Be yourself and some guy will make you happy. She got in her car and left. I was puzzled by her last comment as I drove home....
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I have a woman at work that keeps asking if I have worn panties. I think she know something somehow.

They know honey!

Do you like it that she knows

I kind of want to tell her I do, so that she does know for sure. But it is fun with all the questions about what I have done in the past.

You should tell her. What kind of questions have you had

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Women are very intuitive! They see what others do not!