I Want to Be Slapped Into Action!

My dream girl knows in advance how much I want to be forced to wear lingerie.  She will insist I shave me legs in front of her while I am naked in my tub.  When I am done she will powder me with femme smelling powder.  I will have shaved my pubis area completely so my penis looks like a chicken neck but it is slowing being a lightning rod.  The clothes are all laid out on the bed.  The garter belt is first of course.  Lovely pink with lace and lovely strecth lace on the suspenders.  She demands I put on the nylons that are still in the package they came in.  They are long and lovely and just my size.  As I carefully put them on my penis is growing even longer and harder and she taps it with a her rod and it droops for a time while I get the nylons on.  The panties she has chosen for me are pink, my favorite color and full cut with no cotton gusset, all nylon and very sheer, you can see my semi limp penis now arching.  I told to hurry up and get my full slip on and that is a white full slip that I bought for myself just a week ago and she makes me put it on.  Next I am standing quivering with excitement and my penis has formed a tent in the panties and now the slip is perched in a tent.  She touch the top of the tent and runs her hand down the nylon covered shaft and masturbates me right through the nylon.  I almost pass out!

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3 Responses Mar 18, 2009

super experience. u really r lucky

Oh yes. Both of you are very lucky!

You are such a lucky 'gurl'. Tell your girl friend that I am "up for adoption" LOL