The Forced Sissification.

I was trying phone sex for the first time. The operater asked would you like to recieve a kinky call. I did not know what that ment, but I agreed to have a kinky call. Around five minuates later the phone rang. It was a Mistress. She asked if I had ever had kinky sex before and i said no. She told me to ***** naked and go fetch some girls clothes, a belt, something that we could use as a boy toy, some clothes pins, and some cooking oil, for lubricant. I quickly got to work. I ran around the house and gathered the items, and got dressed in a skirt and blouse, with little pink panties. I had trouble with the high heels, but I managed to walk around in them. She ordered me to say that my new name was sisy panzy wimp and that I wanted to make out with a salami in my backside. next she ordered me to grease up the salami with the oil and dushe out my rear end. I did so. and shoved the salami inside. Ooh it ached and blead as I was ordered to push and pull it back and forth inside me. Next I complained that it hurt. so she said to spank my behind whith a belt 10 times for complaining. I did and then she said harder, do it as you push and pull the salami you ****. I did what she asked and my rear end turned red and brused. Put the clothes pins on your nipples she ordered. I did and a new sensation of pain came over me. Then she said to twist the clothes pins back and forth. I did and next I had to spank my front privates while counting to ten. I smacked the aching thingy till it went dark with the brusing. You could see patches where the belt had hit my poor hard thingy. She said that I was to thrust the boy toy faster back and forth in my hiny. and stroke my brused, but thrilled part between my legs. I did and I had my first tast of pleasure. I erupted and the Mistress instructed me to lick up my stuff. Then she said that I was a good **** and she had hoped that I enjoyed my phone fantacy. I enjoyed the phone call so much that I became a regular customer, each time trying different styles of kinky sex. Eventualy I ended up in a sex shop where I bought a real boy toy whip, nipple clamps and womens  clothes. I was ready for action, waves, by by.

sisypwimp sisypwimp
41-45, M
2 Responses Sep 24, 2009

I have begun to have a real addiction for TS ****. I can't get enough. in my mouth, boy puss. I'm so horney, I will suck almost any **** now, I need it.

OH that was hot, I love forcing guys to shove things inside of them. Nothing turns me on more than hearing a guy moan loudly because he is just loving all the feelings surrounding him. (Although using a strap is a close second!) Gonna have to check out some more of your stories....

you are the one