My Fantasy Part 1

Part 1


This story is only a fantasy but I think it is worth sharing.


In the beginning I am standing alone in a trendy bar when I drop a coaster that had stuck to the bottom of my glass. Lackadaisically I bend over at the waist to pick it up. I quickly right myself having remembered I was wearing a pair of pink panties. I look around to see if anyone noticed and I see the most beautiful woman in the world staring at me from across the room. My jaw hits the floor and she starts to walk over to me.

When she gets close enough she whispers into my ear that she saw everything. I can barely get out a reply before she says “follow me or I will announce it to the whole bar.”

We get out into the street and she leads me to her car and we both get in. she puts the pedal to the metal and in no time at all we are at her house. I follow her in and up the stairs to her bedroom.

“Take of all your clothes and have a shower.” I ***** and walk into her en-suite, start up the shower and wash myself thoroughly. I shampoo and condition my hair which is shoulder length and a golden blonde colour.

I walk out squeaky clean into her bedroom to find a set of female underwear on the bed.

She tells me to stand still. She puts shaving foam all over my legs and crotch area and very carefully shaves all the hair off. Soon my lower half is completely bald.

“Now. Put on the underwear slowly.” She is so forceful that I just cannot refuse and walk over to the bed and pick up the panties. They are black and seem to be fairly solid. “That is to hide your wedding tackle *****.”

“I am not your *****.” I say meekly.

She slaps me hard and nearly screams “YES YOU ARE, *****!”

I recoil and get back the panties. I carefully tuck my **** and balls between my legs and carefully pull them up. You would never know I had a **** it concealed it so well.

Next I put on a pair of red laced knickers. As they went up my leg I felt myself get a hard on. I normally wore panties for comfort and nothing more so it felt so weird to get aroused by this. The black panties did a good job of concealing my ****.  But i felt so embarrassed by it all my face went a bright crimson.

“Aww, does my ***** feel ashamed? Well. Tell your mistress yes or no”


“That is yes MISTRESS!”

“Yes mistress.” I answered quickly.

I reached for the bra. She stopped me and said “i think it needs a little something extra.” She went over to a chest of drawers and got out a red garter belt and matching fishnets.

“Put these on.”

“Yes mistress.”

I slowly pull up the garter belt and then one by one pull up the stockings and attached them to the belt. I stand up and look down. I am shocked to see I look like a woman from the waist down. I am so aroused by this it is unreal.

“Are we turned on yet *****?”

I am like putty in her hands and all I can do is reply “Yes mistress.”

“Good. Now put on your bra *****.”

I reach down and grab the bra and put it on. No sooner have I done this than she thrusts a Pair of fake breasts into my hands and looks into my eyes. I have learnt my lesson and clumsily put them in the bra.

“You no good at that *****.” She corrects my clumsy work.

“I shouldn’t have had to do that *****. Should i?”

“No mistress.”

“Bend over.”

I am hesitant but I do as I am told. Truth is I am getting really turned on by it all. I put my hands on my knees and brace myself, I know what is coming.

Suddenly I am in pain as a riding crop hits my ***. I gasp as another strike hits me.

“You are a good *****. So I won’t punish you too hard.”

I sit down on the bed tenderly. She is rummaging about in a wardrobe looking for something.

She pulls out a red cocktail dress and throws it at me.

“Put that on *****.”

I put my legs through it and pulled it up and over my fake breasts. She zips up the back and says “You look very pretty *****. But you lack one thing.”

She turns me round and pushes me onto the bed.

“This one last touch will make you a proper woman.” She begins to cover my face in make up while she constantly tells me I am her *****. Soon she is finished with me and pulls me up and over to her full length mirror. I cannot believe that what I am seeing is me. I am seeing is a beautiful woman not a man at all.

“You look very beautiful *****.”

“I know mistress.”

“Come on. We’re off for a night on the town.”

“No. I can’t.”

“I have taken pictures of the whole thing. So if you don’t want the whole town to know your secret, I would go out with me.”


Stay tuned for part 2...

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Hot story !! Can wait to read part two !