i am trying to stay strong but i have been through so much emotional and phyisical pain. i do not know what to do and how long i can stay fighting this.especially when i am ill and the pain reminds me.

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I am so sorry for this. The worst wounds are always from friends, but to violate you like that is sad.<br />
<br />
I hope you find better friends you can trust.

someone i thought was a friend.i am just going to keep going with my head held high if i can things happen.its life

This is so sad. What are you going to do? Who drugged you?

yeah i am nice.i am strange and too nice.nice does not get far in this world only causes pain to me :(<br />
i get told i am nice and special and then i get hurt by the same people who tell me :(

You are strong, and amazingly nice. Those people will get what's comming. Please talk to me about it if you need to.

i was drugged and attacked :(

What's wrong?

you will beat this pain,like all the other time u beat it,u are strong