Freedom From Society?

Every day that passes I feel less and less inclined to attempt to be a part of this society.  All I see is billions of people striving for money, more money, and still more money.  Wealth and prosperity is measured by some man-made device that really doesn't count for much when all is said and done (come to think of it).  And if this vein pursuit isn't enough, the way people go about getting it is disgusting.  Corporations (and hence) individuals destroy everything they touch with no sign of slowing down.  The f***ing idea of 'going green' itself is a damn corporation...and I can't believe how few people see it.

I want to be free of this materialistic, over-complicated society.  Everyday I dream that I could be alive a thousand years ago in America before any industrial revolution or settlements, but then I realize that even if I did the money hungry, destructive ones would still one day come in search of prosperity. This leads me to my next hope: that the near future holds some kind of salvation.  Be it a fallout, human caused or not, I do not care.  I just want a fresh start. No money, no expectations to pick a career, take out a mortgage, buy a house, pay my taxes, and buy products that taint the very world we live on.

But hey, as John Lennon said, "A working class hero is something to be"...right?
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The thing about traditional 'woodsy' way of life is that you truly are secluded from society. I highly recommend trying it, you'll see how peaceful it can be and trust me, if you sit on top of a mountain top and look down into an untouched, unlogged valley you'll see that some of things we have and do really aren't necessary and are kind of irrelevant. Don't know why, it just clicks with me. Maybe I'm just so pro-survival of the fittest I want the world to go back to it.

hehe like chris mccandles? oops! thats just another example of capitalism targeting my apathy. damn.<br />
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its sad that the weakminded are so easily ensnared into the bs that life throws at us. they ruin it for everyone. <br />
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honestly i dont think digressing from progress is the answer. like u said, progress is a natural part of being human, and you cant run from human nature. <br />
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yes, things are bad now...i agree. but they dont always have to be this way...<br />
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and im sry but ive never been a woodsy type of person... i dont know why so many people find peace in traditional tribes, etc....just because its the opposite of what you see in day to day life doesnt mean that its better.....its kindof an indie bandwagon isnt it? wanting to get back to natural ways of doing things....blablabla <br />
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no offense.

ForestSong, I think about where there is to go every day! I live in an urban area of a small town (thank god cause I'd die in a city) and I frequently head into the wild for a while with nothing but a few supplies, and I must say it is so nice to only worry about one thing: surviving. Much better IMO then worrying about bills, and credit rating, and what's going to happen on the Hills. <br />
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That being said, I have plans once I grad from university to simply head somewhere far away and live with a tribe if they'll have me. But who knows how long even that would last till they become 'civilized' like the rest of us?!

I have a half a mind to quit my job and do the same. Mountain-hiking around the world?

Theres something so romantic (in the literary sense) of stripping yourself of all physical possessions and gains that our day-to-day world has told us is "success".

John Lennon +1 He told it like it is in that song. <br />
I've lost count of the number of times that I've read words like yours. I think about this all the time. But the worst thing is, if you want to be free from this, where is there to go to? <br />
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When you are born into this system, you are only taught how to live and struggle for survival within the system. As far as society is concerned, it's the ONLY way to live. The food isn't free - we're not really independent. <br />
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Sooner or later, something's gotta give. When you **** where you eat, it's inevitable. Living in this bubble can't last forever. Perhaps there will be some kind of salvation for humankind.