Wanted: Like-minded Female Friends

I keep my sex life separate from the rest of my life.  The only people on earth who know about my sexual proclivities are the people I have had or am having sex with, and everyone here on EP.

Most of my EP friends are male, and I so love the insight and ideas they share with me.  I have learned a great deal during my time on EP.  Thank you, gentlemen!

But I would also like to make friends with female EP members who share my sexually submissive sluttiness!  I want to hear what motivates you, specifics about pleasing your men, etc.  I'm sure I have a lot to learn from you, and I get kind of warm and fuzzy, imaginging a "sisterhood" of slutty subs.................... 

Anyone else need a girl friend for sharing secrets?

sweetmix sweetmix
46-50, F
8 Responses Mar 21, 2009

yes, please

oh yeahhh... hehe.. I undersand though sugar... :) <br />
<br />
Thanks for being My friend... *hugs*

Domohio - I really want to become friends with like-minded women. I have lots of EP friends who are kinky men! But I like the way the mind works ! "both ends" LOL

Perhaps the forum should be opened up t o include both submissives and Dominants? I was thinking this way you could get it from both ends!! *winks* I am creative and kinky, what can I say?!?!<br />
<br />

Bill, you are an opportunist! LOL But I think rw is right - I'm the only female EP members who cares to share her sexually submissive sluttiness with another ****, so I'm afraid you aren't going to glean any info from me!

Sweet! When you do get contacts from sub-fems, ask them if their names can be shared via your posts! Bill in Va.

You must be right, rw! LOL

You must be the only one here on ep