First Time With A Black Man

I am on a business trip with my husband in a small town in China,
it is not much to do or see here.
We are staying in the only good hotel in town.
My husband has been here a couple of time and warned me that
this might be boring - it turns out i found some fun anyway.
The first night we went down to the hotel bar for a couple
of drinks.
In the bar it was a lot of girls and a few men, my husband explained
that most of the girls there were prostitutes looking for
some single business men.

I the table next us there were 3 guys sitting talking with
some of the girls, we could hear them talk english.
Two of the guys left with two of the girls, leaving the 3 guy
My husband went to the bar to get another beer and meet with
this now lonesome guy.
As they ordered beer the guy complained about how bad the
girls was in english and that he had hard time communicating
with them.
My husband invited him over to our table, and he accepted.

He was a normal build black guy, with a normal look - nothing
The guys was talking and joking, it was obvious that the
black guy thought that I was a prostitute.
My husband never gave him any hint that I was his wife.
After a couple beer my husband had to go to the toilet, and
then the guy made a move.
he presented him self as Jeff, and told me that he wanted
to have sex with me.
I have never been with a black man before, and have never
fantasied about it either, but now when I had the chance
I was curious.
He put his hand inside my legs and started to rub me- I looked
around to see if anybody had noticed us but it looked like
it was a normal thing in this bar.
I opened up my legs so he could touch my *****, I was not sure
if I was going to invite him to our room but I was open for a
little bit of fun.
As Jeff had moved closer to me and was looking at me he did
not notice that my husband was back from the toilet.
My husband said something to his ear and I guess it was something
about having sex with me because Jeff smiled and nodded
his head.

In the elevator up to our room I could not resist the urge
to massage Jeff outside his pant.
And what I felt was a big surprise, he was huge!

I went straight to the bed and took off my wet panties, and
spread my legs so the guys could see what was waiting.
My husband wend town on my ***** while Jeff came over to me
with his huge black **** ready to be sucked.
It felt so exiting to have such a big **** in my mouth, and
I sucked as crazy to get it hard and ready for my tight *****.
After a few minutes I just felt that I was ready, so I toke
his big **** out and told him to **** me.
My husband moved away, pulled out a condom and gave it to
then he sat down on on the sofa to watch me getting banged
by this big ****.
I could se his ****, which is much smaller was hard so he obviously
liked the idea.
After Jeff had rolled on the rubber, he gently pressed his
**** in my *****.
First slowly in long strokes, then harder and harder.
It was so great to feel whole my ***** filled up with ****-
I was just loving every single stroke.
I don't know if I was moaning to loud but my husband decided
to put his **** in my mouth to shut me up.
He was stone hard, so I knew it was not long before he came.
I sucked his **** until he came in my mouth and my face.
Jeff was not close to finish yet, he lifted me up in his arms
and slided me down on his **** while he was standing.
I folded my legs around his back, and with my wight I felt
his big **** all the way up in my *****.
It was so good that I had my first ****** that night.
I had lost track and sense of time so I don't know how
long we were ******* like this.
But at the end he but me back on the bed, ordered me to stand
on all my four so he could do me doggy style.
Oh, what a experience - I was going insane.
Standing there as a dog, I could se my husband smiling in
the mirror - he was enjoying it to.
That sparked the second ****** for me, my arms and legs was
like jelly and i fell down on my stomach.
My husband helped Jeff to turn me around, and he continued
to **** me harder this time.
After a few stroke he came, I could feel his **** pulsate
as his *** filled the condom.
Slowly he pull him self out, kissed my breast and went to
the bathroom.
My husband took my hand and leaded me to the
bathroom so we could take a shower.
Jeff washed off his ****, and thanked for the "service",
he even try to pay my husband some money thinking that I was
a prostitute.
But then he laughed and told him I am his wife.
Jeff got a strange smile on his face, but thanked again and
hoped to see us again.

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Awesome, THX for sharing.

Great story. lucky you. And him..

What great fun! I do love your style. Thanks for sharing.

Thats Gold...

I love the way you took advantage of the situation,posing as a prostitute,no foreplay just great sex,thanks for sharing : )

Awesome story - thanks.

Great story...wish I was Jeff...well in a way I kinda AM Jeff, but...mmm...that sounds like an awesome experience all the way around...

You are a hot hot woman, what fun you must be for your partners

way to go dragon!

Nice story. He was a lucky guy

very very sexy & erotic fun for u & ur hubby !

your husband knows for sure how he can satisfy your needs and its great of him to let you

Well at least your husband gave him a condom. Nothing like safe sex !

Ooo you must *** visit Australia. Xx

very nice first time story.

firedragon, that was a hot story. i wish you would tell my wife how good it (bbc) was so maybe she will do it too

Sounds like a great trip, have you been with a black man again?

Excellently written.<br />
Very very sexciting.<br />
please share more.<br />

You're hot!

Wow! Sounds like a wonderful time. Would like to have been in your spot.

Have had a lot :-)

you go girlfriend.

Sounds like your first time with a black stud was everything it should be. I would be willing to bet that you have had another. . . . just going on personal experience.