Too Much

I can't stand being here

anywhere really

    If i take off will it be better?

Will everyone else be better off

I cause pain and disappointment everywhere i go.

I'm too much for people to handle...

 i just want to be gone

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4 Responses Feb 23, 2009

Don't you dare get gone..... I can't raise kids smarter than me.... ;) And then mom will stir spaghetti and cry......and I'll have to deal with her... And then I really won't have any friends...who else will listen to my garbage about my retarded life and internet dating? Also I will have to want to scream and pull my hair out all by myself... I won't be able to handle it... And I'll end up on crack and selling kids for two dollars and I won't want to shop at goodwill anymore....I'm asking you.....please don't ruin my life and go don't want me to turn to prostitution do you? And if I kick my keys in the snow....they will stay there forever because you won't be there to find them.. and I am not making any kids chocolate milk no matter how loud they whine. They will have to drink regular and Mia won't drink it so she'll drop from 6 to 9 mos to a preemie size.... and I won't be able to afford preemie clothes so I'll have to draw her clothes on with permanent marker...and what If I draw them too tight? I don't want to hear stay where you are. And we can do something fun to keep the sanity in the insane daycare dump infested world.....

your a smart women. and a good mom.

You also cause love and happiness for people. Your daughters love and need you and we do too. More people count on you then you know.

why are you feeling so down on yourself? you have two lovely kids how can you just leave. they need you strong.