In a large room they all wait eagerly wanting her young fresh body.  One by one they approach her giving her little ***-bits of info and "hands on" experience that they feel she will need over her sexual life.  She is here for them to teach her. 

She is dressed to impress and she can see their eagerness stretch the creases out from their pants. 

Their faces are desperate to teach her, each one feeling he can relay more info than the next one.  Each one wanting to be the one she chooses for lessons. 

As they all have approached her she asks one more favour of them - Can I feel your genitals, I promise to be gentle and my hands are warm? 

Within seconds they have their pants by their ankles and she is having a "Ball"... some even sharing their juices with her which she tastes with delight.

Then the process of elimination later.... who should she choose?

WantinLiza WantinLiza
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 11, 2009

The one who gave her that tingly feeling between her legs as she touched him.