Getting Groped

i would love to be groped by a woman in public, my fantasy involves a strange woman coming up to me and rubbing herself on me and playing with my breasts while i'm shopping. she pulls my dress down and openly begins playing with me till i'm so horny i nearly squirt all over th clothes im looking at and then she just walks away leaving me naked in the store.
nakedbunny23 nakedbunny23
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5 Responses May 24, 2012

I'd take you to dinner....then finger you under the table til you almost squirt all over my hand. Stop...then let you lick your juices off my by one.

I'll do it. I want the passers by to see you

Yes I want to be dominated in public and then left. I will let everyone watch me be groped or forced to eat *****. I love it anyway.

I would love to do this or recieve this... it's one of my top 5 fantasies.... thanks for sharing

That is an awesome fantasy, i have the same fantasy tho i want to be the one doing that to a stranger!