One Of My Ideal Gunge Moments Would Be Something Like This.....

well if your interested then read on, so i'm sat there watching tv and im going out with a pretty girl we're doing ok getting along fine, she asks cup of tea? yeah i'd love one please so off she goes into the kitchen when youve got something on your mind. Its a few minutes before she comes back, looking pretty as always she bends over to put the cup on the table there you go sweety. there you are looking at her *** and she knows it so she smiles at you when she joins you on the sofa. So you take your first sip of your tea when she asks so what would you like to talk about?, well you stutter a bit at first as you feel a bit awkward "just come out with it" as shes there smiling at you," well theres something i've always fancied doing" you reply then your girl is there grinning at you "what"? so you say it with a grin on your face " being gunged with you" suddenly your girl is staring at you not knowing what to do. "really? she replies "why?" so you admit " cos i think you'd look pretty with gunge flowing over your head and down your legs" so she sits there looking at the tv thinking your weird but after a few moments she goes " so what do you want to wear, more importantly what shall i wear?"  so you tell her you'd like her to wear a tuxedo suit leather shoes & you'd think she'd be looking dressed for it in a formal long satin evening dress with silver heels . OMG she sits there but theyll get ruined & it costs too much. You manage to say to her "but thats just the fun"  i want you to book your hair in to be styled aswell" anyway time goes by she sits there thinking what the heck with an amazed slightly puzzled shocked look on her face. Then she asks where are we going to be doing this anyway if i agree to it? so you tell her i'll book a fiming studio with a gunge tank init.  "got it all planned then havent you , well i'd best start looking for something appropriate to wear then"  anyway you carry on watching tv together that night. A few days have passed by & its now a saturday morning. You wake up when your girl is beside you and goes go and have a shower we're going out today. Forgetting all about the other night you go into the bathroom & your told theres something special for you to wear when you get back. so you go back into your bedroom there on the bed is a grey long jacketed suit with a brandnew white shirt pink cravat tuxedo & shiny new black leather shoes. " dont get it dirty" she says or else but your like hang on a minute " where you get ths from" dont worry its all taken care of im going out soon be back shortly im going to have a shower" so you remember what you talked about other night so you get all excited but then your about to ask her when suddenly she comes out of the bathroom & tells you " well i'll be back later" off she goes  shutting the door wearing her normal jeans & blouse. So you start to get ready there you are putting on expensive grey trousers a new white shirt next you do your nice pink cravat up with your tuxedo nice black leather polished shoes when you see cufflinks in the bag along with a gold watch. You think  " surely she wouldnt bother going to all this trouble i was only messing around" anyway you go downstairs waiting when she comes back looking goergous with her nice long brown hair all styled " wont  be long" she says walking up the stairs. about half an hour later down she comes with the most beautiful pink satin dress on her shoes are silver with diamonds on them her make up is all done shes even wearing a brand new silver watch a tiara & braclet. "you look amazing darling " you say. Then you want to ask her whats all this about?

 "its a surprise" she says  so you wonder is it about what we talked about other night?
"DONT BE STUPID" she replies " as if,
so you ask well what then?
" we've been invited to my friends anniversary" she says
" now its a big posh do in a hotel i dont want you showing me up ok"

now your really beginning to get puzzled  as you start to ask why didnt you tell me any of this before as a jaguar pulls up outside.
"come on grab your jacket lets go" she orders
" i wanted it to be a surprise" she says.

so off you go locking the door when you turn up to this house youve never been to before.
" i thought we was going to a hotel" you ask
" no we are visting my friends first" she replies

all you want to do is say how stunning your looking today to her. so you give her a kiss when she laughs " cheeky git"
some girl answers the door in this place " come in" she says
still looking puzzled your intoduced to this girl who has a fairly decent posh looking spacious house.
 next minute your told to put your jacket on as your sat on this sofa opposite your girl.
so you do when she goes "  theres something in the next room that might interest you" she says
ok you think when off you go she takes you by the hand " come on"

this room is got hardly anything init with the blinds drawn so its quite dark at the the end there is a something with a large sheet  over it she walks down there pulls it off & then she says switching the light on
" well how would you like to be gunged " she asks
" but i thought we was going to a do" you ask
"well i wanted to surprise you darling" she looks at you
but i was only messing you tell her all these clothes & things are expensive.
" well i dont care" she says smiling
why did you go to all this trouble you ask
" because i wanted to make it special for you" she replies
with her hair looking so perfect & her looking so georgous all dressed up she takes my arm & leads me upto the tank
me  & her have a big snog outside of it when this girl comes back dressed in a pair of knickers & just a bra wearing big leather boots comes in the room  opens the tank door & says " in the tank please"
so we stepped inside  when this girl shuts you inside  making  sure all of her dress inside & doesnt get caught in the door &
says " when your ready we'll get started"

so there you are  snogging your goergous girl all dressed up thinking OMG this is all gonna get messed up in the minute
when suddenly  a smooth flow of purple gunge touches your girls head slowly running down her hair & her expensive dress
splashes onto you on your white shirt & tux.
 then the girl asks " like that?"
you want more so you rub your girls hair shoulders & then suddenly  more purple gunge is showered over you all over your suit jacket down your tuxedo & over your girls head ruining  that make up & hair reaching to her breasts it soaks into the dress on the way down to the floor. as its all dripping down  you, you massage it into eachother
 more gunge is released & your now stood in a puddle so those nice black leather & silver heels are nowing getting covered & ruining the diamonds on hers as it stains them purple. next red gunge is going down you all down your back as it feels amazing  flowing down you your trousers start to soak up gunge making them wet & your girl is now turning red as it drips from her hair & the hem on her dress is now soaking up gunge.

you think your girl looks so cute in gunge all covered you feel horny but she can tell this so she starts laughing teasing you not yet
next thing you know this tank is releasing coloured foam from below & your shoes feet are, now soaked & its building up your waistline
& then as you are now wet soaked from foam more gunge is released this time its pink to match her dress as it flows beautifully once again over her head all down her hair covering it down her  arms flowing down her breasts & landing on the foam. as you are both covered  your girl tells you one more thing as she sweeps the gunge off her face down the back of her hair as then glitter is released over you your covered init sticking to the gunge to your clothes everywhere.
" you look nice is gunge" you tell your girl smiling as you sweep it off your face
" you look ok init yourself" she tells you lets get showered

as the door is released the gunge spills out everywhere  so the other girl walks off leaving you to it.
 so you undress taking all these wet ruined clothes off  jellewery throw them on the floor when you think
lets have sex in the tank. so the door is shut again next thing you know you & your girl are sliding around everywhere in the gunge naked snogging eachother getting more covered in the gunge then its a good banging time giving her probably one of the best orgies ever .

then after a warm hot shower you get changed  & go  back home again  telling her how much you enjoyed the experience

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ooh, that sounds so sexy, all that gunge & foam

yeah thanks if only it could happen for real :)

sounds great yum yum...

yeah? well if i invited you along with me, would you accept wendy?

oh behave!!

I do wish I knew where you live so I could give you a good gunging with my fists you idiot. I hope you catch someone feeding that pretty "GF scat on a stick while he's packing her bunghole.