Another one Of My Gungetank Dreams I Really Want To Happen One Day......

I can't say I'm desperate for it to happen, but its just been one of those things I've always wanted to experience, to some its f***ed up, to others its funny or normal, but making it reality seems near impossible, especially being a guy, if I was a girl then I'm sure there would be plenty of people willing to make it come true, but it would be such an amazing experience & with a girl would be even better, for us both to be dressed up like a prom couple or something, in some good expensive formal clothing, I love the thought of me being in a nice grey suit with a light purple tuxedo, leather shoes & my girl in a beautiful satin prom gown with sequins onit,looking hot with her hair dangling down just touching over her shoulders & her make-up all done, with her nice sparkly shoes on too but with us both without underwear on..... we both would look at eachother, have a good snog before we enter the tank, then as we do we both walk hand in hand on some carpet, where first she walks into it & making sure all her gown is inside then I would follow her init, with the door being closed behind us, we begin to kiss still staying clean with a full on snog & gentle touch rubbing eachothers hair, then slowly an amount of thick blue mixed with pink gunge goes over our heads as we snog the top of her dress gets a bit covered then so does my suit as we get more horny & aroused we get more covered with gunge dripping down us reaching the floor, beginng to soak into our clothes & changing the colour of my white shir & tux its now getting ruined turning blue & pink so is her dress, more gunge is covering us, really thick gloopy gunge is now settling on the floor & touching our feet :) then some foam would be sprayed up from a pipe to get our bottom half messy, we now are soaking & looking a bit unrecognizeable its time to snog & touch eachother more with more massaging & this time we get covered in thick black & purple gunge completly changing the colour of our heads & our beautiful clothes have gunge sliding down them, it would be time to start to ***** starting with the shoes then as some glitter is dumped over us sticking to us we begin to ***** more throwing the clothes out of the tank all soaking & ruined, we then massage the gunge into eachothers bodys we are now pretty much naked & we beging to make love fully & have finally a large amount of white gunge is covering us we have full on sex both climaxing, reaching ****** & we both take another look at eachother all slimy & gooey, both happy & enjoyed this experience as it was a day or night to remember........... :)
PhoenixGoldStarr PhoenixGoldStarr 26-30, M Jul 16, 2012

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