So, one of my favourite TV game shows is being repeated at the moment; Fort Boyard. My favourite games on that show are the wet and messy ones, such as the one with buckets of water one a treadmill, the one with female mud wrestling, the game where a person has to dive into a stinking pool of water if they've dropped the key. But my favourite being the challenge with the overhead boxes where the female contestant gets on the male contestants back and had to open various boxes filled with flour and gunge until they get to the one with the key. All of these messy challenges done while wearing Lycra. If I could figure out how to set up overhead boxes at home, I'd do that challenge. ALSO, I was online and found a gunge forum site, it's called GungeMad, but I'm not sure if the website I fully functional yet, I've not had an "activation code" sent yet, I've had to register twice.
mrmassive1990 mrmassive1990
Aug 22, 2014