Well my gunge prep was going well, I ordered my Lycra outfit, so I decided to go find some Xanthan Gum. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anywhere, supermarkets and health food shop no longer stock it. I've decided to experiment with cornflour, apparently it's similar to Xanthan Gum as an alternative ingredient. I thought I would see if I get the same gunge consistency if I apply the mixing technique used for GYOB. I've also decided to line my bath with molasses and unsweetened Soya yogurt and fill the water balloons with syrup, chocolate sauce, custard, anything sticky liquid that I can easily pour into water balloons.

UPDATE: I've found some xanthan gum, It's not a lot but I can combine with the cornflour. I just hope I don't accidentally turn that mixture into a solid.
mrmassive1990 mrmassive1990
Aug 26, 2014