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There Is Just Something About A Rope

I have just started to look into this fantasy I would love to be dressed sexy a short tight dress with stockings and very high heels after having my hands tied Behind my back i would be led to a platform but a very shaky one once on it my ankles too would be tied. A noose would be placed around my neck and tightened the platform would be made unsteady and my captor would stand back and watch as I struggle to keep my balance. After what seems like an eternity for me probably less then an hour I loose that balance and the platform slips away and I feel the short drop and the rope tightens. I struggle, my legs kicking, my body twists in the air trying to find the lost platform after several minutes my body goes limp. My captor drops me to the ground and brings me back after I am coherent he mounts me on the platform again............
tabithacdsub tabithacdsub 46-50, T 14 Responses Mar 27, 2012

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Like you, I am turned on be the thought of a noose around my neck, although, with me, I'm not dressed in woman's clothes. A tee shirt and very tight short shorts, and running shoes. The tight shorts would show off my hard organ! I would be stood on a stool with my hands tied behind my back, my ankles bound, and the noose placed properly around my neck and drawn snug. Then as the rope was pulled tight, I would have to raise my heals and stretch my neck to breathe. The stool is not very stable as I try to keep breathing. My executioner, a hangman or hangwoman, steps forward and begins rubbing my crotch. For several minutes, he (or she) feels me up. Then, when I feel myself about to explode, the stool is pushed away. My drop is very short, but when the rope jerks my neck, I explode with ecstasy! I begin to twist and struggle, which only causes the noose to slip tighter and tighter! Sadly, it only lasts a few seconds, 10-to-15 at most, before I begin to feel light headed, and my ears roar! My executioner is turned on as he (or she) watches my body go limp and still. My body sways slightly as the noose strangles me. How long does my executioner leave me hanged? Am I cut down before it's too late, so I can be hanged again? Or, do they leave me hanged until I'm dead? That is up to them!

My advice is to move on to a safer fantasy.


Lol I don't think I will ever find someone who will play this with me anyway but.....a girl can dream

I have fantacized this happening to me to me over and over. I want to be hanged several times.

Yes the ultimate loss of control and the thought of twitching at the end of the rope as you black out is amazing

Nice thought. Do you ever self asphyxiated?

No I am scared I will mess up I would like to try do you ? And if so how ?

There is always a chance of messing up. I have self asphyxiated some but have not suspended myself although with a trusted person I would like to hang for a few minutes and then be let down. I have fanticised this for many years.

Yes I don't want to die but the allure is so strong to dangle until I pass out

I don't want to die either but the fantasy of dangling with a noose around my neck tightening as I am lifted off the ground simply turns me on. Dangerous but exciting too.

Yes it is good luck love I hope you find someone to help you experience your fantasy

I live in Southern CA and it doesn't seem to be others with the same desires. I am sure there are but I can't find them.

Yes I know what you mean you can't come out and ask your next door neighbor if he wants to hang you hopefully you stumble into someone who shares your interest and somehow can let you know lol

I have looked for years and the search goes on. Good luck to you.

Same here it never works out but you never know when the planets will align the stars in all the universe find the one position and everything else falls into place and two perfectly matched souls find each other lol good luck to you as well

Thanks. Maybe our paths will meet again.

Nothing is impossible

My owner / wife and her friends will tie my hands and feet and put a rope around my neck and lift me up. I never struggle because it is not my place to, and also because I love it so much. They so far have always let me down before I am completely gone. But I hope one time that they do not.
It is an awesome feeling hanging by a rope around the neck tied up, having absolutely no control of your own destiny or life or death.
Hanging is my first choice for the way I eventually die.

your incredibly lucky to have someone to take care of you this way most of us would give anything to have what you have and to experience this thank you so much for sharing i now know it is possible

There are people who are interested in strangling others. You have to choose if you prefer to be hung by a male or female or it does not matter. If it does not matter the search will be easier.
I do so hope you will be able to find someone willing to hang you as much as you wish to be hung.

Male or female doesn't matter. A female may be more aggressive and that ok.

It's my first choice on dyeing too

: )

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In my humble opinion. There should be only one hanging. The one and final. The gallows and the noose is some kind of holy. Nothing to play around.

Yes there is something about a rope. I often fantasize about living in a society where sentenced women can choose their hangman. A woman chooses me and we have a loving relationship until the day of her execution comes.

Mmmm but then what happens if you become attached ? It sounds wonderful the perfect way to go

The good love stories are the tragic ones. The one where the desired ones are missed for a long time..

I'm the hangman. I will have a chance for a new love.

Real love is never easy.

That would be wonderful, to be hung, brought back just to be hung again. I love being hung by the neck, you can read my stories. One day I hope it will be finalized and I am not brought back, or that it is not stopped.

i have often felt the same to end it all i think the bring me back will only last so long i never know when the end will happen i am at the mercy of the on hanging me


Thank you it's a very strong desire I have to find someone to play with who is experienced

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect
I would be interested in something like that also, but I am concerned about safety. But I love fantasizing about doing it. It is a real turn on.

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect. Are you still interested in finding someone to help you act out your fantasy. I would like to participate.

i would love that to have someone with experience help me to fulfill this and to help you fulfill yours too

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect. I hereby volunteer with great enthusiasm. We would have to work out the logistics involved in setting it up.

Yes that's always the problem

I am always interested unfortunately I live in eastern arizona where few if any share my desires

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I too have had this fantasy. Dressed as a woman being preparation for execution in being bound and being lead away and seeing the noose or chopping block..

I am amazed that so many do have this fantasy I wish I had someone to help me carry it out now

I would also enjoy a chopping block or guillotine.

Yes, waiting for it is most of the fun which it is into it.
It would be nice to be saved, but not knowing it before.

Yes I have done it and I have such awesome *******

Ohh your so lucky I wished I could be I don't have anyone who will play it with me

I love your fantasy. My only addition would be when he tired of me, the last time he put me on the platform he would leave. Then when I lost my balance and fell off there would be no reviving me. I would hang until death came.

Mmmmmmi do like that addition

i also had this experience but alone. i nearly died of it . then i ********** to get rid of it

That's the problem with our fantasy lovelease be very careful and always have a safety fall back

That is an awesome scene. I'd like to do that over and over again too. I've always thought odd about my fetish and I didn't think anybody else felt the same way but online it's not too tough to find people who are intrested in hanging.

Not hard indeed to bad all aren't as open around us life would be much better

I agree with killerlegs. It is a TOTALLY awesome story and fantasy that you have shared here. I would also like to be hanged, over and over this way!

I am so glad others feel the same it strange why this appeals to me and so strong too but it feels god that there are others who enjoy thinking like me

I am so glad you liked it hopefully it comes true someday