There Is Just Something About A Rope

I have just started to look into this fantasy I would love to be dressed sexy a short tight dress with stockings and very high heels after having my hands tied Behind my back i would be led to a platform but a very shaky one once on it my ankles too would be tied. A noose would be placed around my neck and tightened the platform would be made unsteady and my captor would stand back and watch as I struggle to keep my balance. After what seems like an eternity for me probably less then an hour I loose that balance and the platform slips away and I feel the short drop and the rope tightens. I struggle, my legs kicking, my body twists in the air trying to find the lost platform after several minutes my body goes limp. My captor drops me to the ground and brings me back after I am coherent he mounts me on the platform again............
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In my humble opinion. There should be only one hanging. The one and final. The gallows and the noose is some kind of holy. Nothing to play around.

It is known in neuro-physiology that the decreased bloodflow inthe brain causes a bigger and stronger orgasmic reactions in the frontal cortex. Also a decreased IQ helps achieve ****** faster, or a high IQ is actually inhibiting the developement of an ******.
Both observations we know from real life. Inteligent women often have problems getting an ****** - they "think too much" & simply don't "let it happen". In order to make it happen they often need a little neuro-toxin (ethanol) to lower the IQ and get laid. In German there is a proverb "dumm fickt gut" or "stupid ***** good", that proves the empiric experiance.

We know that prostitutes on heroine report a much intense orgasmic feeling and so even more reinforcing their dependancy.
Choking has the same effect. It lowers the oxygen leve in the brain and makes the brain work "slower". Same principle - lesser IQ - stronger ******.

There is an alternative to it. Someone inflates a RR-cuff placed around your throat. as slowly the cuf woudl inflate your bloodflow to the brain and your breathing would decrease. If your are then also approriatly dresses or suspended fighting the ejaculations against the feeling of becomming unconsious is just great. You just have to trust that the cuff will (be) open(ed) in time.

that sounds even better and i think it is that trust that i desire to know that they will bring me back but it is that chance that they won't that excites me and makes my sub side happy

From my mails you know that you can count on my mercy, but it has to be earned. My price is high, but so is your reward.

Yes there is something about a rope. I often fantasize about living in a society where sentenced women can choose their hangman. A woman chooses me and we have a loving relationship until the day of her execution comes.

Mmmm but then what happens if you become attached ? It sounds wonderful the perfect way to go

The good love stories are the tragic ones. The one where the desired ones are missed for a long time..

I'm the hangman. I will have a chance for a new love.

Real love is never easy.

Four you can ease her the pain of death by releasing the chaffot shortly after she comes. At least she will have a beautifull last memory.

The ****** may continue in the brain for a few more seconds after the head is detached from the body and you can still shoot your load into her cadaver.

That would be wonderful, to be hung, brought back just to be hung again. I love being hung by the neck, you can read my stories. One day I hope it will be finalized and I am not brought back, or that it is not stopped.

i have often felt the same to end it all i think the bring me back will only last so long i never know when the end will happen i am at the mercy of the on hanging me


Thank you it's a very strong desire I have to find someone to play with who is experienced

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect
I would be interested in something like that also, but I am concerned about safety. But I love fantasizing about doing it. It is a real turn on.

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect. Are you still interested in finding someone to help you act out your fantasy. I would like to participate.

i would love that to have someone with experience help me to fulfill this and to help you fulfill yours too

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect. I hereby volunteer with great enthusiasm. We would have to work out the logistics involved in setting it up.

Yes that's always the problem

I am always interested unfortunately I live in eastern arizona where few if any share my desires

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You should do that when dressed in Ballet boots. After 2-3 hours in them you'll probably relax yourself by hanging in the noose.

i have come close Sir unfortunately i don't have anyone to let me down once pass out and i do enjoy living but if someone were there ........

Now I don't know if you like BDSM as well but I'd love to impale you on a pole that is firmly attached to the floor and you in ballets stuck on top of it with your hands tied behind your back. I wonder if oyu would be able to get yourself free? I mean, it is impossible to jump in ballets heels with staight legs. so an impaled person should be actueally helplessly stuck on such pole? Care trying?

I would love to be impaled, so long as it was a permanent way to end my life, not just a fantasy.

you could train, and see how to end your life. Heed help?

Sir i love BDSM and as you know i am very submissive and my heart desires to please those in dominance over me so yes Sir i would love to try i will have to build me a pole with appropriate attachments ;) and anchor it somehow to the floor just the right height to keep me from being able to bend my knees i have cuffs and shackles to bind my hands behind me i could possibly add a chain from the pole to the cuffs so as to keep even bound hands and arms still i think i could make it reasonably escape proof and i believe very restrictive and possibly painful i love the way you think

You are welcome! I was thinking that if you have a rope ahead ofyou you could raise/hoist yourself then onto the pole and lower yourself onto it untill it is burries well about 6 inch (12 cm) inside your *** and impales you. Then you lock the handcuffs behind your back unable to reach the rope. I think it is quite vicious and would make you cry for a long time untill you come up with an escape plan.

yes possibly some stools that could be kicked out of the way making it impossible to raise myself back up possibly and ice timer holding the key to the cuffs allowing them to drop after two or three hours and a rope to pull myself up and off the pole hmm this idea is becoming very feasible now i just need the time to do it lol hopefully that will come soon

Take your time, but later I want to see the video!

mmm Yes Sir the least i can do for your brilliance

Long time no hear. I hope you are still alive. Well anyhow. If you would like to visit me here in europe one day you are welcome. However I would like to ask you to leave all your flat shoes at home and travel only with your high heels and female clothes. I would not buy you any male clothes here and you'd have to stay this way in high heels fot the entire duration of your stay.
What do you think?

I don't know how I missed this post but OMG that's my total fantasy I would travel there with just the clothes I was wearing my suit case filled with women's clothes then I would meet you go into a closet change and then throw my male clothes away and would walk out with you all femme and at your command I would give you my passport and ID so even if I changed my mind I would be unable to go anywhere and I would be at your mercy to do with me as you wished

Precisely! you can be sure that at home I'd expect you to be in high heels as well and I'd expect you to sleep locked in ballet boots. I'd check that no matter how much you are in pain at night.

The more I talk to you the more I find myself drawn to you as a nurse and as Tabi you complete me why couldn't we have met before I had a family I would have been yours forever ago

C'est la vie, as the French say. But first finish your school. you can **** yourself to sleep thinking about me tonight if you like. Remember that to keep you at the edge I would expect you to have your **** locked up? You know that?

I didn't Sir but I will try to find a device and get it without my spouse finding out but I want to please you Sir. I will finish my schooling and then hopefully fate brings us together

For the beginning you might look at something like cb6000. But remember there is nothing worse than letting your family go apart. So focus on your school. If your wife finds out you can admit of having a wanking problem an you just wanted to keep yourself at bay.

I will look into it but it may be a little time since I am part time money is tight but a little here and a little there and I will find one I can get without raising suspicion it I can focus on school so that I can be the best nurse possible for you 😍

Relax. The chasity deviced are not so expencive any more. They are now even medo of plastic so you can fly with them. I'd like to keep your **** away from ************ and get you used to anal joys. I hope your **** would quickly shrink. Ant testosterone treatment would do the other part.

I dream of only being taken in my ***** like a real woman. Do the all plastic ones lock on with a real lock? One that the couldn't pick up at a security check? I am sure the body scan ones would see it but really I am not concerned about that just have to keep it quiet from the wife no matter what she will figure someone else is marking me do this ... It would be nice though to be able to have an erection and it not show or else not have one at all I really want to do this but even a missing $100 would be noticed so I have to do this slow

I'll write you a pm about it.... go there..

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I too have had this fantasy. Dressed as a woman being preparation for execution in being bound and being lead away and seeing the noose or chopping block..

I am amazed that so many do have this fantasy I wish I had someone to help me carry it out now

I would also enjoy a chopping block or guillotine.

Yes, waiting for it is most of the fun which it is into it.
It would be nice to be saved, but not knowing it before.

Yes I have done it and I have such awesome *******

Ohh your so lucky I wished I could be I don't have anyone who will play it with me

I love your fantasy. My only addition would be when he tired of me, the last time he put me on the platform he would leave. Then when I lost my balance and fell off there would be no reviving me. I would hang until death came.

Mmmmmmi do like that addition

i also had this experience but alone. i nearly died of it . then i ********** to get rid of it

That's the problem with our fantasy lovelease be very careful and always have a safety fall back

That is an awesome scene. I'd like to do that over and over again too. I've always thought odd about my fetish and I didn't think anybody else felt the same way but online it's not too tough to find people who are intrested in hanging.

Not hard indeed to bad all aren't as open around us life would be much better

I agree with killerlegs. It is a TOTALLY awesome story and fantasy that you have shared here. I would also like to be hanged, over and over this way!

I am so glad others feel the same it strange why this appeals to me and so strong too but it feels god that there are others who enjoy thinking like me

I am so glad you liked it hopefully it comes true someday