Lost and Lonely

"it is not getting what you want but wanting what you got" yet, I feel like I never have felt a true romantic love and miss having that particular human experience. I do feel fortunate to have a beautiful daughter. but still I long for a mutually respectful and loving relationship with a woman. I have always been attracted to women (well since meeting sally when I was 8) and as an only child I have spent a majority of my life alone and dependant on myself.

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TY Lover...................

My Love.................My Soul Mate.......... We found each other Just IN TIME!!!!!!!!!!

True Love <br />
<br />
True love is a sacred flame<br />
That burns eternally,<br />
And none can dim its special glow<br />
Or change its destiny.<br />
True love speaks in tender tones<br />
And hears with gentle ear,<br />
True love gives with open heart<br />
And true love conquers fear.<br />
True love makes no harsh demands<br />
It neither rules nor binds,<br />
And true love holds with gentle hands<br />
The hearts that it entwines.<br />
<br />
~ Anonymous<br />
<br />
<br />
I found this online. I thought it was very profound.

I can understand completely I have the love of my kids but I crave the intimate love of a man close to me...

you have a beautiful daughter, and she's blessed to have you:).. i think you're a wonderful dad to her. my real dad keft me when i was like, 2 or 3? haha

TY classy...keeping the hope alive becomes the most difficult thing.

You don't feel the realtionship with your daughter's mother was love? That is sad. I would hate to think any one in this world has gone through a life without true love. I wish you the very bestin your search. Know that love is out there.....as I hopeless romantic, I will never give up on the FACT that LOVE exists and resides in our hearts and we roam until that one true love is found, explored and experienced..........................<br />

"I do feel fortunate to have a beautiful daughter." <br />
<br />
That's great that you love and appreciate your daughter. My dad...I don't think that he really cares about me. We often take so much for granted I guess.