I Am Tired of Being Sad....

Discovering who I am as a person, I've come to realize that I haven't been truly  happy for a long time. I was when I lived alone, but then all the chaos of other people came into it and I just started going downhill. My feelings started to change and I realized that I wasn't being myself. I'm tired of being sad and depressed all the time. So that's why I'm taking it upon myself to make changes, whether they be people who I associate with or just my mood in general, I am trying to make myself get happy again because I really like myself and everyone else when I am happy.

lizzieprincess1 lizzieprincess1
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7 Responses Mar 4, 2008

just want to be happy and leave people alone that have hate for me happy i want to be lol

Hey girl, having the same issue here!

Hope it turns out well :)


my life is crazy when frustrated and empty i wish he would just kill me, but than i know my kids need me. Am so empty and sad i just dont find to many things joyful anymore. I feel like every thing am being told is a lie. I want to just run away but i cant ... my drive is my children and without them i would let go but today I realized that I have to make the change but forsome reason I feel powerless to do so god please help me to help me change this situation that I am in

I do not remember when I was happy last time. I fee like I am lost. Ido not belong here. What is the matter with me?.... I do not know......But I want to be happy again.....What should I do.....

good thing

i like to be happy too-

I hope you make it back. It is hard not to be affected by the dramas of others.