Happy Happy Happy?

hi everyone, today i feel so good am in such a good mood it feels so different, i dont know why am happy maybe its because i done the sit ups and press ups i promised myself i would do or maybe its because i relise i have alot to be gratefull for!!!! i mean usaly im down withdrawn from my partner trying to pick fights over nothing, stressing over the kids slightest cry and arguements. but ive been looking up the computer for solutions to my depression and one guy is right.... he says you have to tell your brain to be happy, think positive etc, etc.. well today i have i dont know how long it will last but im happy and it feels so nice and im relaxed. so thats me im going to get out of bed in the mornings i will do my sit ups, my pressups and i will think of three things iam gratefull for and ill keep you posted on how its going, thats if anyone is intrested like. thanks for taking the time and listening x
ashbash23 ashbash23
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 5, 2008

Keep it up.You have done the right thing.:)