Shower Time

I had a hard day at work and was filthy by the time i came home so was keen to jump in the shower and wash the day away. as i was undressing to get in my gf nicki came in through the door i said hi darling im just having a shower and nicki said ok i also want one in a min. so i said why not come and join me now then?so she did i watched as nicni got undressed and then smiled as she clibmed into the shower with me.i sprayed water all over nicki and she sprayed water all over me. then we got the shower gel out.I started by putting lots of gel in my hands and started rubbing it into nickys back and all over her shoulders then my hands slid down and rubbed it all over her lovely pert bum massaging the gel right in. then down both her legs rubbing it in gently all the way then i started to rub down her front i rubbed gel into her lovely pert firm **** and all over her stomach then my hand slid down and i massaged the gel into her hot tight ***** flickering her **** with my finger as i go. then nicki took her turn with the gel she rubbed it in all over my chest and all over my by now rock hard dripping ****.then all over my bum and everywhere else. after our rub downs we rinsed each other off and got out the shower after towling each other dry we made our way through to the bedroom i looked nicki in the eyes and said babe i really love you i held her close our naked bodys pressed into each other then we fell onto the bed i opened nickys legs and bury my face and  tounge deep into her wet ***** licking her fast and
deep. then nicky started wanking my **** as i licked her. then she said yr turn now and started flickering the end of my **** with her tounge before taking my complete shaft down her throat sucking me till i almost ***. then i slid  my **** deep inside her pumping hard and deep kissing her all the time till eventually i exploded deep inside her filling her up with hot wet ***** then as we collasped into each others arms i said god nicki babe i really love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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2 Responses May 17, 2011

wow im speechless-and i never stay quiet=good story

Yes baby I love you too!