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im trying really hard to be a happy person and not "sweat the small stuff" but its hard. i can be real bitchy. when other people around me are hurting or feeling sad, i really want to comfort them and make them feel better. with my panic disorder, i've often thought that i would like to be a counsellor because i understand so much what this disorder is like. not that i'm an expert (if i was i could give it a kick) but i feel great satisfaction when i have helped someone even a little bit feel better. it's wierd i dont do it so much with people i know really well, it's more with people i dont know. maybe i think they'll talk more, open up more. my daughters friends parents kicked her out the other day and she wanted to come here. so i let her stay the night and i tried to talk to her about her parents and gave her some "gentle" advice on how to make things a little smoother.. in the morning i gave her a hug and she thanked me so much for letting her stay.  it just made me feel good
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Ya know, I can relate totally! You and I are a lot alike I'm finding out by reading your stories Pretty. It's funny cuz I used to (still do) talk to teens quite a bit - they say "I'm cool". Prob. bcuz I feel very young and vulnerable given what stage of life and events happening etc... so I can relate to them. Keep up the good work girl....it feels good to help them because it's helping you at the same time :). Just remember to take care of yourself 1st so you CAN help others....can't drive a car on an empty tank (know this from exp.)

We all get moody from time to time thats just within our nature so I wouldn't sweat it! You are such a caring person and I think it is wonderful you can talk to your daughters friend with ease! Alot of kids that age are not comfortable talking to us grown ups. Especially teenagers! You probably would make a great counselor because teens are the hardest to get through to.

It is nice to help others. It is good that you are trying to be nice but don't force yourself to be happy, you are just bottling up what you really feel. You have to understand yourself first and help yourself before you can help everybody else. Putting everyone ahead of you is like running their laps for them, if you get what I mean. But being nice you can always do. :)