Fakeing It

sounds so simple n easy to do. just be happy n others will be to. but when u feel like cryng n u r dieing inside, faking a smile is hard to do, i should know, i do it everyday.

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1 Response Nov 9, 2009

I've been trying to figure out this kind of bullshit for years now - I just want to be happy and have a positive influence upon those around me but sometimes, as you've sais, it's just not that easy... and when it IS that easy, when I don't feel like ****, I don't even relate to the guy I am when I'm feeling like **** enough to be able to tell what the real differences in my life at these times are...<br />
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But there are a few things which I think do help... Aknowledging negative feelings, for one, is a great idea, despite how much we don't want to be experiencing them. Exploring what's going on, how you feel about whatever issues and the things surrounding them then allows you to explore your options with a little more insight... That made sense in my head, I have trouble explaining these things, but I hope that came out right.. <br />
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Just don't fake too much, accept how ****** you're feeling then maybe try figuring it out... or indulge your negative emotions until you're bored of them, maybe? :p <br />
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I'm babbling... I'm going to move on now - have a nice day.. and a nice life, take it easy!