Life Is A Flow Chart....

I have worked or been associated with the computer and electronics fields for pretty much my entire adult life. I believe most emotional regualtion can be identified with flow charts, including happiness.

You begin with the issue / emotion to be addressed and continue downward with the gates to the next step just like the comic above humorously depicts.

Breaking down issues to small bites and plugging in the steps to a flowchart will allow a logical progression to your "happy place".

I am IN my happy place, sometimes I forget how awesome life is - just like we all do.... but, I always return to the flowchart to reconnect the pathways and continue on in a POSITIVE flow!

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3 Responses Dec 13, 2009

Wow... yay! A computer geek! :) I like computers, too... learned about programming when I was 12... but sadly, I never knew the power of logic and flowcharts. lol :)

May I friend you? I need more friendly geeks in my life... I'm looking for an elusive solution! :) I've designed web sites before, and it's fun... especially when I get to program in PHP and MySQL... I did a catalog site once... took a while for me to learn PHP and MySQL enough to make my site work... :) I used to use Paint Shop Pro 11 for my graphics playing around... now I have PSP X3 and I don't like it so much... I used VideoMach for a long time to try to put together some star wars like videos with lightsabers... didn't work so well. lol :)

Hmm... Seems a mystery about the cognitive basics... I feel like that, too... with algebra and yes, programming... and most everything. lol I need more exercise.

Wow, no kidding, Flash... I couldn't pick that up... apparently, I need some artsy little click in my brain. I was born without that. LOL I don't know anything about Maya or Lightwave... Geesh, you really have a multimedia flare... that's great! :)

I found DreamWeaver to be a little clunky... thought about getting a new version. I learned about DreamWeaver in college. I suppose there's so much to learn that you actually have to go to college to make that work well. :)

That's really cool. :) I'm still working on finishing my programming degree... I have no idea about Java, either, just so ya know. lol For all my programming projects I use PowerBASIC, from its namesake in Florida.

Do you have any websites that I could take a look at? I've done a real estate site that's really weak for a friend in Michigan. I'm ashamed of it. lol I need more skills.

lol A woman after my own logic... I have my real estate website (www. on the web and on backup... my catalog site is long gone. lol

With all the SEO and stuff, it's just too time consuming without being paid for it... but it can be fun, too, designing the graphics.

I've done that, too. I used to work for the health department as Help Desk guy... that became somewhat stressful. I'm currently trying to help a guy upgrade his computer to post-Sempron speed.. I love computers... they are easy to understand. lol

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I love this; it is so "geeky" and romantic at the same time.

well sending hugs for you posting!

You are great.Your chart fantastic.Thanks dear friend.