To Be One of the Gang

I want to be happy and for some reason I am really trying hard to be. My emotions are all over the place, I can't figure out whats rite or wrong. I want and need to be happy again. Why is it so hard not to just say I want to be happy and poof be happy. I don't get it.

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3 Responses Jun 12, 2008

Yeah. I think too much too sometimes. Wish there was a button that makes it go into rest mode.

I feel you on that one. I am so aggrevated at my friends and family all the time for things that they do, and I wish that I could just let it go and be happy with my life. I know in my head that there is no such thing as normal and that there is no reason to think that you can only be happy if you are normal. I wish that my heart would accept what my head knows and be happy.

Eh, "normal" people just fake it better. Happiness can be sooo over rated sometimes. Sometimes we all just need a day to get all the grumps out...just be a real stinker...then when it's all out, maybe happiness comes around the corner (as long as we do the grump thing far away from anyone who'll be annoyed by it, lol!)