Happy In My Self

i want to be happy with my self, ive just come out of a bad depression, i am making progress in containing it with a lot of effert. i do laugh some times and pretend most of the time,i have 2 beutiful children who i love to bits, works sucks,  so it shouldnt be all bad so why cant i be happy with my self how can i acheive being happy with my self.

leegreenwood leegreenwood
2 Responses Mar 6, 2009

Yes you can achieve happiness with yourself. Hold on to that and never forget it. It is possible! I did it! I am happier now then I have ever been in my life! Lee you have to learn to accept and love yourself before you can really be happy. Most of the time people judge themselves harder then anyone else would.<br />
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Love your children, take joy in loving them and showing it. It will make their lives so much better if they hear those words. So many people think showing love is enough, but a child has to hear the words so that it really sinks into their persona's. I am not saying that you don't tell your children that. I am just making a statement that may help others understand how people with depression may think and feel at times. Even though rationally we KNOW we are loved.<br />
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I think that a lot of people that live with depression did not hear that enough when they were children therefore we feel unworthy of receiving love. It then makes it much harder for us to love ourselves. Because we then KNOW we are worthy of self love and the love of others.<br />
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May you find the special part within yourself that awakens your mind to the concept of what self love really is. Once you reach and understand that, your life will become so much happier and brighter. Peace and Love to a fellow comrade in the war against depression. I'm here if you ever need someone.

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