My Body, Undesirable

I love men. They are amazing. Why am I saying this here though? Most women seem to love men. But I doubt any woman would want to step into his shoes for her lifetime. No, no woman would want that. I admit, people have given me compliments on my looks before, people say I'm handsome. But is that what I really want? It isn't. I'd rather be beautiful, a beautiful woman. But that'll never happen. I know they have surgeries and hormones, but that will never solve my biggest issue with my body. The fact I will never bear a child. No womb, no baby. I can adopt if and when I settle down with a man, but I would love for that woman holding a child inside her to be me. Women complain about all sorts of things. Breast size, figure, everything. I complain about the same things, but on a different level. I cry myself to sleep more often than not. And I feel like my dreams will never be reality. But I always have hope. Sometimes it's all I have.

With truth and heart,

Amber D.
BloodRedShadow BloodRedShadow
Nov 10, 2012