I haven't always hated my body, but having a baby and gaining 60 pounds when you were already trying to lose 20, has changed that.  I might have had tiny issues with my body before that, but not to the point where I hated how I looked.  I have lost the 60 pounds I gained during pregnancy, but I am still looking to lose 15 more.  My body has definitely changed over the past 2 years.  I know my stomach will never be flat unless I get a tummy tuck, the stretching of the skin is not pretty.  I have been with my husband for almost 7 years and I hate getting naked in front of him.  When we have sex I keep a shirt on or have all the lights off.  He says it doesn't matter to him, that I look good, but it is making me uncomfortable.

I have started working out again, and trying to eat right, I know I will do it eventually.  Hopefully someday I will be happy with myself.

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I have no problem losing the weight... I actually use a tea that does the same thing but is only 6 dollars for a 30 day supply, so I am good with that. I also go to the gym religiously and watch what I eat. But losing the baby weight was easy, its the excess skin I am not too happy with. So if you know any way to get rid of that without going under the knife please let me know lol

Most people try to lose weight but dont know where to start. What most people dont know is its as easy as can be. Your three main focuses need to be appetite control, healthy energy, and pure nutrition. What will work for you so you can lose weight, a program that you wont get tired of or skip. When considering your personal health goals you may wish to maximize your results but how. I mean you can starve yourself but that doesnt help, not eating doesn't shed off unwanted weight. Burning energy is what makes the body able to shed off fat. SO see first you must understand your body before you just go out in say " I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT " byt understanding your body an things you can do is the only way to lose weight..<br />
A product i use is called ZIJA!, I use the XM3 system that they created. XM3 can help you avoid the pitfalls of so many diet plans. Remember, the key to any weight loss strategy and fitness plan is staying with a sensible diet and sustainable exercise program. XM3 was formulated to help you reach your lifestyle goals. You have a Lack of energy and inadequate appetite control. Myself I lost 35pounds in a month with the product, its quite expensive but it helps alot and I find it better than the average diet plan because most of the time you stick to it for awhile and then you go back to your regular ways. Witht his system it does the work for you, not to say you dont need to exercise. But you dont have to exercise heavily you could just take a brisk 15-20min walk daily with a little stretching. I was introduced to this product by a colleague and since then i been using the product. Heck, I even market it.<br />
But you can check it out yourself because I can tell you the world but thats not helping you. I'm not trying to premote a product or anything but I seen your question and just thought I would acknwoledge the product so you can experience my expereince. Looking can't hurt but it may help or make you more knowledgable. Email me also<br />
Your friend Nasir Jones<br />

Thank you both. I am actually starting to feel a little bit better about my body now. I have done some major soul searching over the past few months.

I really do not know how to relate to you. I am a 57 year old man. To me, a lady who is sagging, stetch marks, tummy buldge is the hottest looking body in the world. I so desire that. A woman whose body is like that to me is so desireable. <br />
I know a lot of men want a slim trim body.......but for me, it is the opposite.<br />
The main thing is for you to be happy with yourself......and I hope you can attain that, if that is what makes you happy.<br />
but please do realize, that some men think that body is hot....Older, overweight, sagging women are so lovely to me. But that is just me.<br />
I hope this makes you feel a little better.....but my hope is you will be happy.......

I totally feel you, I had my son three years ago and I have actually dropped below my pre-pregnancy weight and I now weigh 130lbs. Which sounds great until you see my once D-cups as saggy 32c's and my stomach looks like the skin of a third degree burn victim. I can't afford a tummy tuck so I'm stuck being a size 5-6 when I should be a 3-4 due to "extra baggage" and never being comfortable naked or otherwise all my tops are loose fitting and my jeans are never too tight so I don't have the dreaded "muffin-top". But I am naked when i make love to my husband and have had to force myself to get used to his hands on my naked stomach and breasts. That's really the first step to try and separate yourself from feeling so bad about it, if he loves you let him love your body too, even though I know how hard that really can be, good luck!