Bliss Or Happy Or Both?

Sometimes I compromise the wording of an experience here at EP so I don't have to start a whole new one. For example, I want to be happy with myself doesn't quite fit with my line of rationale. Personally, whether i am "happy", "sad", "angry", whatever the emotional description you would like to play tag with that day. Well, i hate to break it to You all, but they are all the same, really. It doesn't matter whether you are happy, or sad, or pissed off...Just so long as you have "bliss" within. "It doesn't matter whether it's sunny, or raining as long as there's weather."

Now granted the experience qualifies by ending "with myself" which could imply that perhaps we weren't happy with the self at one point in time.
Maybe I'm just too stubborn, idealistic, or naive but i like to think i've always been happy with myself. Even when i was a drunk. Maybe not satisfied, or perhaps I have been frustrated. But I've always had faith that regardless of the circumstances, i am supposed to be going through whatever it is that I have to experience in order to balance out this never ending equation called life. Now "bliss" on the other hand, is what i really want to have constant in my life. To me that is true happiness. I don't want to be able to distinguish between pain and pleasure, really, good and bad. If i eat a crappy meal i get the same general effect as if i just had the best (Insert delicious food) lasagna ever. Stub your toe? Same as a beautiful girl nibbling your ear.
Boy, i must really sound like a wack job. Does anybody follow me here?
Therein lies happiness with self. Acceptance of circumstance. Everything is exactly the way it should be. Period.
johnnybliss johnnybliss
41-45, M
Jul 22, 2010