Happy Happy Joy Joy

Happiness comes from within.. So I'm going to work on it within, and then let it flow on out..

I guess it means taking control of my life for myself at long last and not letting the thoughts or feelings of other "well meaning" people stand in the way of my progress.  There's been a lot of healing on my part and forgiveness.  Mainly of myself - to me.  I let go of the past and no longer need to let it haunt me it's just that, the past.

I figured something out last night, laying awake for 90% of the night helped slightly.  I let you into my life and I don't need to keep you there when the purpose you serve is only a lesson as to what not to do next time.  Now I have to get rid of you, and find another part of me that I've discovered - true inner strength.

I think I'll go set up my day, it's going to have lots of warmth and sunshine (thank you mother nature), movement..even if it is just washing the car or busting a move in the shower.. and peace - inner peace, remembering the ones I love are but a clear blue sky away. 

Peace Out.

Littlemisssomebody Littlemisssomebody
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*hugs dripping wet kitti* wihooo!!

yayayayayay *runs like a crazy kitti to LMN gives her a kiss tackles little miss right into pool making a huge splash* ... I love your happy pool party !=-D

*opens up pool gate in neighbours yard* ahh what the hell I'll just flash the ****** next time he's round - all welcome ;)

Send some my way too please!!! :-)

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Enjoying the happiness that is coming out of LMN!!!!

Why thank you.. Right now my life is full of so many changes, good and not so good - this is one of the few places I feel settled..<br />
<br />
Pixie: Come on in the water's fine ;)

Please keep up the happiness, and the figure, that make your exciting to be around.

Cheers, right now it's the only thing going wow wow wow..

You have a great way of seeing life, when you are happy within. That is where true self start to project out to others. Who want to hang around sad people all the time. Beside happiness, your figure (pic) has a great way of saying, wow, wow, wow.