Hard To Find Happiness

So far in my life, I have yet to find steady happiness. Whenever I do find it, it seems like something bad happens and it begins to get a lot worse. Like this past year, has been one of the worst of years. It was supposed to be my year, to prove to my family that I am as smart as my older sister. I guess it wasn't the right time for it. I broke my back for the second time this year, and my best friend didn't want to talk to me anymore. I really just want to be happy, without a lot of disappointments.

beetbee1994 beetbee1994
1 Response Jul 26, 2010

its the lowest moments that make you appreciate the good ones, no one is happy all the time believe me....and whoever tells u they are (well they just cant possibly be normal)<br />
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u still have a long way of ups and downs to go , but hey...thats just life! although we wish its a little less complicated it will always be so (key is dont let it get u down, know ur strong points, work on ur weakness & for gods sake dont be a people plaeser, do it because you want to prove it to urself) <br />
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nothing comes easy, life will dissapoint u at times, learn from it and dont let it set you back .....there are 7 billion human beings on this planet, i bet ur doing better than at least some of them...lol ;)