It's All In The Mind, Don't Complicate It!

This might be useful to somebody out there. It would be to me just over one year ago when I was last on this website...

Live life without constantly worrying about the consequences. Have a laugh with everyone. Show absolutely everyone some respect, they will respect you back. But never cease to drop a hint of cheek and banter. Have fun. Be yourself, "I don't know who that is anymore"? But you do know your true self. You know who you really are and what you are capable of. But you have to let people know that by your actions, you have to be natural with them and not be shy and hold back. Live your life like you're young, don't hold back! Don't delude yourself into thinking you're worthless; you just need to take it easy. People will love you for it and therefore you will enjoy life and be happy. Have a laugh with your mates, if you don't have people who are close you can always make friends by being a likeable, decent and funny character. Confidence is the key, you can find that key inside yourself but it just isn't as complicated as you might think.

But care for yourself too. Sometimes the unnessacary is neccessary, however make sure you aren't doing yourself long term damage. Don't over complicate your social life. Healthy social lives are generally things that keep people happy, very few people can be exempt from this. Don't start assuming you're in that category, you might like to think you are right now when unhappy; but you're not. You've got all the potential to be happy, you just need to lighten up, go out (or even stay in) and have fun. I don't literally mean the phrase but my self-motto nowadays is, live life like you don't give a sh*t :D

Oh and I recovered from this slump just over a year ago:
So I know how it feels. I'm pretty satisfied with my life now and I know I have gone through enough experiences to be very strong for mental stories of the future. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and be positive each and every day. There are far worse things in life to worry about.

Where to start off? Chill out a bit and be casual when talking to people, it'll all click from there!
GunnersFan GunnersFan
Jul 26, 2010